Chapter 3564 - Clan Chief’s Aura (Teaser)

Chapter 3564 - Clan Chief’s Aura

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body started to sink.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s surroundings began to change.

He felt as if he had entered a boundless world.

His surroundings had turned pitch-black. He was unable to see a trace of light at all. However, he was able to sense its vastness.

What filled this vast world was not martial power or spirit power. Instead, it was a power that Chu Feng had never felt before.

He suspected that it must be the power of the Sacred Tree.

The reason for that was because he was capable of sensing an enormous tree. Even though that enormous tree did not appear before him, and he was unable to see it with his eyes, he was capable of sensing it. That tree was so enormous that it simply filled this entire world. It was...

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