Chapter 3563 - The Power Of The Sacred Tree

Chapter 3563 - The Power Of The Sacred Tree

“Impossible. Although Lord Qin Kunlun possessed the Exalted Demon Divine Body, he has never done any evil. Instead, he has protected the weak. How could he be related to your despicable demon clan?”

“Furthermore, Lord Qin Kunlun has already disappeared for over twenty thousand years. It has long been confirmed that he is already dead. It’s simply impossible for him to still be alive.”

“It’s one thing for you all to commit all sorts of evil atrocities, but why must you involve Lord Qin Kunlun?”

Soon, voices began to sound in succession. They were all from the captives. Not only did they know of Qin Kunlun, but they also refused to believe that he had any sort of relationship with the Blood-devouring Demon Clan.

Furthermore, they had great respect for Qin Kunlun. Thus, the captives all began to lash out at the Blood-devouring Demon Clan.

“Despicable demon clan?”

“Exactly who are the actual despicable ones?”

“Although our Blood-devouring Demon Clan trained in demonic techniques, we have never caused anyone any harm and never mistreated others weaker than ourselves. In fact, we have never even attempted to occupy any one of your power’s territories.”

“Otherwise, with the strength that our Blood-devouring Demon Clan possessed back then, which Upper Realm would we not be able to gain control over? How could we not even have a single territory that belonged to us?”

“Honestly ask yourselves, the strength that you possess today, the territories that you occupy today, were they not things that your ancestors snatched away from others?”

“The world of martial cultivators is one where the strong is right. The actions of your ancestors are completely normal. However, our Blood-devouring Demon Clan has never done that sort of thing.”

“But, even though we’ve given you all this much respect, we are still seen as a thorn in your eyes. The entirety of the Ancestral Martial Starfield decided to join hands to exterminate us.”

“Furthermore, you all even decided to frame us as willfully slaughtering the innocent.”

Anger filled Zhang Yanfeng’s face as he said those words.

“For the sake of increasing your cultivation, you decided to refine other people. That is something that was witnessed by everyone. How are you to refute that?” said the crowd.

“Humph, one can always trump up a charge against another. Those are all lies fabricated by the Starfall Master Realm and you all,” Zhang Yanfeng sneered.

“Very well, even if we ignore what happened back then, you have imprisoned us today, is it not to kill us and use our souls to activate some bullshit gate?” Someone criticized.

“That’s right, we are going to use your lives to activate the gate to enter the Sacred Palace Hall.”

“Back then, you massacred our clansmen and nearly exterminated our entire clan. What wrong is it for us to avenge our clansmen?” asked Zhang Yanfeng.

“Sophistry, utter sophistry.”

“Young friend Chu Feng, kill them! Kill all of those demon clansmen!”

Furious, the prisoners actually began to plead to Chu Feng for help.

“All of you, shut up,” however, they were met with a cold shout from Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s voice was not very loud. However, once he shouted those words, everyone present immediately shut their mouths.

They all knew very well that all of their lives were within his grasp.

This was especially true for the people of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, as they all knew of Chu Feng’s temperament. They knew that he was a very unconventional and independent individual. They knew that he would not listen to their request if he did not want to. Besides… they also did not have any qualifications to make any request of him.

“You said earlier that Qin Kunlun was still alive, and that you all came here because you wanted to obtain his inheritance? In that case, is Qin Kunlun inside the Sacred Palace Hall?” Chu Feng turned his gaze to Zhang Yanfeng.

Different from the crowd that did not believe that Qin Kunlun was still alive, Chu Feng was only skeptical. In fact, it could be said that he felt that there was a greater possibility that Qin Kunlun was still alive.

Thus, Chu Feng wanted to gain more understanding.

“Lord Qin Kunlun is indeed inside the Sacred Palace Hall. As long as we enter the Sacred Palace Hall, we will be able to obtain his inheritance.”

“Chu Feng, you're different from this bunch of trash. The massacre of our clan is also unrelated to you.”

“You are totally able to join us. There's no need to become a member of our Blood-devouring Demon Clan. As long as you release my younger sister, we will bring you into the Sacred Palace Hall to obtain Lord Qin Kunlun’s inheritance together.”

“With your talent, you will definitely be able to surpass your father and grandfather should you obtain the inheritance. It might even be possible for you to move about the entire Holy Light Galaxy unhindered, like Lord Qin Kunlun did,” Zhang Yanfeng said to Chu Feng.

“I, Chu Feng, am not interested in activating the Sacred Palace Hall using the lives of others.”

“You can forget about trying to entice me to join your ranks. You merely need to answer my questions.”

“Tell me this, does it mean that you all will keep the people you’ve captured alive before the opening of the gate?” Chu Feng continued to question.

“Right. Those people must be kept alive to open the gate. Thus, we will naturally not kill them,” said Zhang Yanfeng.

“Since you’re prepared for it, why didn’t you capture people first? Why wait to enter this place before capturing people?” Chu Feng asked.

“Even if we forcibly capture people and bring them in here to refine them, it would be useless. We must capture those that have voluntarily entered the Void Sacred Tree. Only the souls of those people would be useful,” said Zhang Yanfeng.

“So that’s the case,” Chu Feng managed to solve the confusion in his heart.

“Now tell me how to use this pendant.”

“Oh, that’s right, don't try to fool me. When I’m carefully observing you, I can tell if you’re lying to me.”

As Chu Feng spoke, his gaze grew deep. Everyone was able to sense that his gaze had turned blade-sharp, and was capable of penetrating through one’s heart.

This caused the Blood-devouring Clansmen, including Zhang Boyi and Zhang Yanfeng, to frown deeply.

After all, the person that they were confronted with, was not only a genius of the younger generation, but also a Saint-cloak World Spiritist. It would truly be difficult to lie to a person like that.

“It would appear that you’ve realized it already. That’s right, the power of this place is not spirit power. Instead, it is power from the Void Sacred Tree.”

“As for that pendant, it was bestowed to us by Lord Qin Kunlun. Without the method taught by Lord Qin Kunlun, one will not be able to use the pendant, much less control the Void Sacred Tree’s power.”

“Since you're capable of realizing this, I know that I won't be able to deceive you.”

“Since that’s the case, I can teach you the method.”

“However, you must guarantee that you will release my younger sister once I teach you the method to control that power,” said Zhang Yanfeng.

“Very well, I promise you that. As long as you tell me the method to activate the pendant and control the power of this formation, not only will I release your sister, but I will also spare you all,” said Chu Feng.

“Swear it upon your father’s name,” said Zhang Yanfeng.

“I swear upon my father, Chu Xuanyuan,” Chu Feng swore.

As for Zhang Yanfeng, he actually kept his part of the promise too, and ended up really telling Chu Feng the method to activate the pendant.

One had to leave an imprint on one’s body in order to control the pendant. Using that imprint, one would enter a contract with the pendant. Only through that could one control it.

Following the instructions from Zhang Yanfeng, Chu Feng really managed to enter a contract with the pendant.

Furthermore, as long as he placed his palm on the pendant, Chu Feng would be able to gain complete oversight of the pendant, and feel the power of the it held.

“So this is the power of the Void Sacred Tree!!!”

Chu Feng opened his eyes wide. Even his mouth opened from shock.

He sensed an enormously powerful mysterious force.

It was not martial power, nor was it spirit power.

However… it was so powerful that Chu Feng felt his hair stand on end.

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