Chapter 3562 - Lord Qin Kunlun

Chapter 3562 - Lord Qin Kunlun

Although she was in miserable pain, Zhang Shirui shouted angrily in a weak voice, “Big brother, kill him!”

After Zhang Shirui finished saying those words, killing intent filled the gaze with which Zhang Yanfeng looked to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, originally, I was planning to give senior Chu Xuanyuan face, since you’re his son and not kill you.”

“Yet, you dare to try to kill my younger sister. With this, I absolutely cannot spare you,” Zhang Yanfeng moved his hand toward the pendant on his chest as he spoke.

“What’s this? Do you not want your sister to live?” asked Chu Feng.

“Humph, you’ll learn soon,” Zhang Yanfeng’s mouth rose into a cold smile. Confidence filled his face. It was as if everything was already within his control.

At the same time, the hand that he grabbed the pendant with had also changed.


In the next moment, Zhang Yanfeng’s expression changed. Then, he repeated his earlier motion.

This time around, his expression became even uglier.

“What’s going on?”

Zhang Yanfeng pulled out the pendant and began to carefully examine it. Confusion and panic filled his eyes.

“Big brother, what are you doing?” Zhang Shirui urged.

It was not only Zhang Yanfeng who was panicking. Zhang Shirui, Zhang Boyi and all the other Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen present were all in a panic.

“It would appear that you intended to use the power of the formation in this place to deal with me. Unfortunately…” As Chu Feng spoke, he flipped his palm, and a pendant appeared in his hand.

That pendant looked identical to the pendant in Zhang Yanfeng’s hand.

“You… when did you?!”

Shock filled Zhang Yanfeng’s eyes and his face turned deathly pale from panic.

He realized that Chu Feng had exchanged the pendant on his neck, and the real pendant was now with Chu Feng, whereas the one he had was a fake.

It was due to the fact that his pendant had been changed that he was unable to control the power of the formation.

“When else? It would appear that you were so determined to defeat me that you simply did not notice the movement of my hands,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Big brother, how foolish can you be?!” Zhang Shirui was on the verge of crying.

Her trump card was the power of the formation. However… the pendant capable of controlling that power, was now in Chu Feng’s possession. She felt that a great catastrophe was about to befall her.

“Girl, what’s wrong? Weren’t you planning to kill me?” Chu Feng looked to Zhang Shirui with a beaming smile.

“Big brother Chu Feng, I was merely joking earlier. Please don’t take it seriously. I was wrong, I was wrong.”

Zhang Shirui actually really started crying. Her pitiful appearance was truly endearing to look at.

However, there was no trace of sympathy in Chu Feng’s eyes. Instead, the corners of his mouth rose into a cold smile. That smile caused Zhang Shirui to tremble with fear, and be completely panic-stricken.

“Brother Chu Feng, we were truly just joking around.”

“Truth be told, the person that we three siblings admire the most is your father, senior Chu Xuanyuan.”

“Not only is your father our idol, but he also served as our model.”

“Taking senior Chu Xuanyuan into consideration, we wouldn’t possibly do anything to you. We were truly only joking around earlier.”

“Right. A joke. It’s a joke, merely a joke.”

Zhang Yanfeng and Zhang Boyi also started trying to justify their actions. They looked so terrified that it seemed like they were about to kneel down to Chu Feng at any given moment.

“I have no intention to bother with superfluous words with you all.”

“One, you will tell me your purpose in coming here.”

“Two, you will tell me how to activate this pendant.”

“If you dare to deceive me in the slightest, I will kill your sister,” as Chu Feng spoke, he tightened his grip on Zhang Shirui’s neck.


An even more pained expression appeared on Zhang Shirui’s face. This time around, she was unable to even speak.

Furthermore, she was suppressed by Chu Feng’s oppressive might, and unable to even struggle. She appeared like someone on the verge of dying.

However, even though he could see how much pain Zhang Shirui was in, Zhang Yanfeng still didn’t answer Chu Feng’s questions. That said, one could clearly see from his gaze that he was struggling.

He was making an extremely difficult decision in his heart.

“Big brother!”

Zhang Boyi looked to Zhang Yanfeng with panic on his face.

“Fuck it!”

Suddenly, Zhang Yanfeng took a deep sigh. It seemed like he had made his decision.

“Release my little sister first. I will tell you all that you want to know.”

Between his younger sister’s life and his loyalty to his clan, Zhang Yanfeng chose his younger sister’s life.

Seeing that, Chu Feng loosened his grip on Zhang Shirui’s neck, but did not actually release her.

“Speak. Make it quick. Don't try to stall for time,” said Chu Feng.

“Do you know about Lord Qin Kunlun?” asked Zhang Yanfeng.

“Who is that?” asked Chu Feng.

“Truly ignorant,” Zhang Yanfeng took a glance of contempt at Chu Feng. Then, he looked up to the captives in the cage hanging from the top of the palace hall, “Who among you knows of Lord Qin Kunlun? Explain it to him.”

Surprisingly, there were indeed people that started to explain who Qin Kunlun was to Chu Feng.

Hearing the crowd’s explanation, Chu Feng learned who this Qin Kunlun was.

Chu Feng’s grandfather and father, Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan, were both people that had managed to travel throughout the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield unhindered, and were deemed to be the strongest geniuses of their time.

The two of them were the most reputed people in the Ancestral Martial Starfield. In terms of the entire Holy Light Galaxy, although their names were known by some people too, they were only known to be regular geniuses. Their influence was far from being able to cover the entire Holy Light Starfield.

However, over twenty thousand years ago, there was a person whose name managed to resonate throughout the entire Holy Light Starfield.

As for that person, he was Qin Kunlun.

Qin Kunlun came from the Holy Light Galaxy’s Ling Province Starfield.

He possessed the legendary Exalted Demon Divine Body. By relying on his exceptional control of his Divine Power, he managed to travel throughout the Holy Light Starfield completely unhindered, completely unrivaled.

Even the overlord of the Holy Light Starfield, the Holy Light Clan, were extremely afraid of provoking Qin Kunlun.

If Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan were legends of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, then Qin Kunlun would be a legend of the entire Holy Light Starfield.

However, at the time when everyone felt that he would defeat the Holy Light Clan and rule over the Holy Light Starfield, he suddenly disappeared. No one knew his whereabouts.

“Why did you mention Qin Kunlun? What relationship does he have with you all?” asked Chu Feng.

“The continuation of our Blood-devouring Demon Clan is all thanks to Lord Qin Kunlun,” said Zhang Yanfeng.


The imprisoned captives were all shocked upon hearing those words.

Evidently, this answer came as an enormous surprise to the crowd.

“Lord Qin Kunlun is actually still alive. Right now… he is in this Void Sacred Tree.”

“We came here because we wanted to gain Lord Qin Kunlun’s inheritance to reforge the glorious days of our Blood-devouring Demon Clan,” Zhang Yanfeng continued.

After hearing his words, not to mention the captives from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, even Chu Feng was unable to remain calm.

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