Chapter 3561 - Outcome Determined?

Chapter 3561 - Outcome Determined?

“Big brother!!!”


Seeing the injured Zhang Yanfeng, Zhang Shirui and the other Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen immediately rushed up to him. Apart from worrying for Zhang Yanfeng, the word ‘disbelief’ was written all over their faces.

What sort of situation was this?

Could it be… Zhang Yanfeng had been… defeated?!!!

“It would appear that the outcome of the battle has been determined.”

When Chu Feng’s voice was heard, the energy ripples that covered the crowd’s vision started to dissipate. Chu Feng soon appeared before the crowd’s line of sight again.

Seeing the completely uninjured state that Chu Feng was in, the crowd realized…

Zhang Yanfeng had truly lost in their confrontation.

“Amazing, amazing. Truly never did I expect your usage of world spirit techniques to reach such a level.”

Zhang Yanfeng started clapping. Even though he was covered in wounds, he had a smile on his face, and appeared very unfazed.

He had the demeanor of an experienced general.

Furthermore, the crowd were able to tell that even though his injuries appeared to be serious, they actually did not affect him at all.

However, the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen were still in a complete panic. They were still unable to settle their hearts.

Zhang Yanfeng had been defeated. He had actually been defeated. The genius that they viewed as their hope, the genius that they thought to be capable of defeating Linghu Hongfei, was actually defeated?

They found the situation truly difficult to accept.

“Am I allowed to take them away now?” asked Chu Feng.

“I had agreed that you could take them away as long as you could defeat me. And now, since you’ve defeated me, logically, you should be allowed to take them away.”

“However… you cannot take them away just yet,” Zhang Yanfeng revealed a look of helplessness. It was as if there was something that he was also powerless against.

Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly asked, “Why is that?”

“That’s because I am someone who goes back on my word,” said Zhang Yanfeng.

“Fucking hell,” Chu Feng cursed out loud upon hearing that.

He discovered that Zhang Yanfeng not only did not show the slightest bit of shame when he said that he was someone that went back on his word, but the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen were also not surprised by those words at all.

Evidently, they all knew that Zhang Yanfeng was a shameless fellow.

“I’ve heard since my youth that… one cannot judge a person by his appearance.”

“I, Chu Feng, have journeyed north and south, and could be said to be quite experienced. I had thought that I was quite capable of judging people by their looks.”

“However, today, I’ve made a mistake in judgement. I never would’ve expected you, someone who appeared to be well and proper, to be this despicable.”

Chu Feng spoke those words in a very mocking manner. However, Zhang Yanfeng was not at all displeased. Instead, he clasped his fist at Chu Feng with a look of complacence on his face.

“If that’s the case, then, brother Chu Feng, I, Zhang Yanfeng, could be said to have taught you a lesson today too. You should be thanking me.”

Seeing Zhang Yanfeng like that, Chu Feng laughed out loud. He knew that trying to reason with a shameless individual was meaningless. It was better to act instead.

“If you refuse to fulfill your promise, I have no choice but to do it myself,” he said.

“Do it yourself? What makes you think you can? Did you not realize whose territory this is?” Zhang Shirui mocked Chu Feng.

“Cheeky girl, you should shut it. You’re not qualified to speak here,” Chu Feng glanced at Zhang Shirui with contempt.

“What did you just say to me?!” Zhang Shirui’s mouth twitched with anger. She looked at Zhang Yanfeng and shouted, “Big brother!!!!”

“Got it,” as Zhang Yanfeng spoke, he moved his palm toward the pendant on his chest.

After he finished doing that, Zhang Yanfeng looked to Chu Feng, “Brother Chu Feng, you really shouldn’t say that sort of thing to my little sister. Have you forgotten that it’s only because of me that you were able to use your world spirit techniques?”

“Earlier, it seemed like it was you, piece of trash, that cursed out at this young lady?”

Zhang Shirui had already leaped forth. Like an arrow, she was flying toward Chu Feng whilst a ferocious look filled her face.

Merely by seeing her expression, one could tell that what she planned to do to Chu Feng, would definitely be cruel.

Zhang Yanfeng, Zhang Boyi and the others from the Blood-devouring Demon Clan all revealed as a look as if watching a show. They seemed to be greatly looking forward to what would happen later.


However, the next moment, a scream was heard. With that, the crowd’s expressions all turned sluggish. Then, deep worry appeared on the faces of the Blood-devouring Demon Clan's clansmen.

Zhang Shirui had managed to reach Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng was still standing there. His hand was raised upward. In his hand was Zhang Shirui. He was grabbing her by the throat.

The ferocious Zhang Shirui was being raised in midair by Chu Feng like a little fowl.

“How could this be?! Your spirit power has clearly been sealed!”

“No, that’s martial power. You… your cultivation!”

“Rank one Exalted, you’re actually a rank one Exalted?!” Zhang Yanfeng cried out in alarm.

It was only at that moment that the crowd noticed the aura the Chu Feng was emitting. Although it was very hidden, was indeed martial power.

Rank one Exalted. Sure enough, Chu Feng was a rank one Exalted.

“You actually deliberately concealed your cultivation! You are truly despicable!” cursed Zhang Yanfeng.

“Thank you, thank you for the praise,” Chu Feng did not show any trace of shame, and instead appeared very pleased.

“Motherfucker, it would appear that, in terms of shamelessness, I am no match for you,” cursed Zhang Yanfeng.

“Who is more shameless is merely a trivial matter. After all, that is not what you should be worried about right now.”

“Right now, what you should be worried about is very simple. You should be considering this… do you want your little sister to live or to die?”

As Chu Feng spoke, the grip that was grabbing Zhang Shirui’s throat tightened.

The look of pain on Zhang Shirui’s beautiful little face grew more and more intense.

She was not pretending. If this were to continue, she would definitely be killed.

“Damn it!” Deep anger appeared in Zhang Yanfeng’s eyes as he saw that..

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