Chapter 3560 - Showdown Between Geniuses

Chapter 3560 - Showdown Between Geniuses


Zhang Yanfeng laughed. The gaze he looked to Chu Feng with sunk in.

“Very well. I accept your condition. However… it will depend on your capabilities as to whether or not you’ll be able to take them away with you.”

After he finished saying those words, blue light started to emit from Zhang Yanfeng’s body.

The light started to change, and ultimately formed a being.

It had deer-like horns, an ox-like head, a snake-like body, fish-like scales, phoenix-like claws, a human beard, and elephant-like ears.

It was a dragon!!!

The blue light transformed into the image of a giant blue dragon.

Although it was only an image, it appeared extremely powerful. It was guarding Zhang Yanfeng like a patron saint.

That said, the image only appeared for an instant before disappearing.

After the image of the dragon disappeared, blue armor covered Zhang Yanfeng’s body.

On the chestplate of that blue armor was a dragon’s head. That head appeared very vivid and lifelike, as if it were actually alive.

After the armor formed, Zhang Yanfeng’s cultivation increased from rank one Exalted to rank two Exalted.

“That Divine Power of yours is quite strong,” said Chu Feng.

Zhang Yanfeng revealed a proud smile. Then, he raised his hand toward Chu Feng. “It’s time for you to show me your ability.”

“Very well,” after he said that, light started to emerge on Chu Feng’s body. The image of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak appeared on his back.

In terms of imposing might, that Nine Dragons Saint Cloak was not at all inferior to Zhang Yanfeng’s Divine Power.


“However, I will have to experience it for myself before knowing if you’re actually really capable.”


Zhang Yanfeng suddenly unleashed his attack. He formed a spear out of martial power and shot it toward Chu Feng.

Facing such an attack, Chu Feng did not even bother to move. With a mere thought, Saint-level spirit power condensed into a spear, which shot toward.

It was not aimed at Zhang Yanfeng. Instead, it was aimed at Zhang Yanfeng’s martial power spear.


The two spears immediately shattered upon impact. Energy ripples composed of martial power and spirit power started to sweep across the surroundings like a tornado.

However, this was merely the beginning.

Zhang Yanfeng began to make nonstop hand motions. He was commanding his boundless martial power with the movements of his hand like a guiding arrow commanding an army of hundreds of millions, unleashing nonstop attacks at Chu Feng.

However, no matter how powerful Zhang Yanfeng’s attacks were, they were all blocked by Chu Feng.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was not merely defending. He was counter-attacking while defending, and defending while attacking.

“If I didn’t witness it myself, I truly would not dare to believe that spirit power would actually really be able to contend against martial power.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually really managing to contend against Zhang Yanfeng and was not at all losing in the confrontation, the people that had heard of his capability but had not seen it for themselves all began to exclaim in admiration.

This was even more so for the people of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. They were exclaiming with even greater admiration.

“Chu Feng… when did he become a Saint-cloak World Spiritist? Furthermore… he’s actually able to contend against a rank two Exalted?”

Although the people of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm knew that Chu Feng was a genius, their knowledge of him was still stuck in the past.

They never expected him to have become so powerful.

This gave them an enormous shock.

It was not only them. Even Zhang Shirui’s expression had changed.

“Second brother, big brother, he… wouldn’t possibly lose, right?” Zhang Shirui looked to Zhang Boyi beside her. Great worry was present in her eyes.

She knew very well how powerful Zhang Yanfeng was. Although he was her biological older brother, she would sometimes think of him as a monster.

She actually did not know exactly how talented she and her brothers were. However, the Blood-devouring Demon Clan regarded the three of them as their hope, as geniuses that would not even appear once in ten thousand years.

Because of the treatment that she had received, Zhang Shirui became extremely conceited. That said, she believed that, in terms of talent, she was far less talented than Zhang Yanfeng.

Zhang Yanfeng’s talent was not only obvious from the speed of his cultivation.

He also possessed exceptional techniques and mindsets while fighting.

Back when they first began martial cultivation, when the three siblings were still very young, there wasn’t such a vast disparity between them.

The three of them had the same level of cultivation.

Furthermore, they all trained in the same mysterious techniques and martial skills. Even their battle power was identical.

However, now, even if Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi were to join hands, they would not be able to defeat Zhang Yanfeng.

Normally, Zhang Yanfeng would spend extra time to spar with the two of them.

However, one time, Zhang Yanfeng was in a hurry to do something. Yet, Zhang Boyi and Zhang Shirui insisted on sparring with him.

Unable to deal with them, Zhang Yanfeng decided to take on the spar. That time, their sparring session lasted only ten rounds before Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi were defeated.

It was only after that that Zhang Shirui realized that there was actually such an enormous disparity between Zhang Yanfeng and them.

Due to the fact that Zhang Yanfeng was so powerful, both Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi felt that he was the strongest genius of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Even Zhang Yanfeng himself felt this way.

Thus, he had been preparing and waiting for the return of the Blood-devouring Demon Clan to the Ancestral Martial Starfield. The first thing he planned to do was challenge Linghu Hongfei.

The battle at that moment could be said to be a test. It was a test before challenging Linghu Hongfei.

However, the current situation caused Zhang Shirui to become worried.

Although Chu Feng was nothing special in terms of martial cultivation, his usage of world spirit techniques was truly quite powerful.

Chu Feng did not release his world spirit. Merely by using his spirit formations, he was actually able to contend against Zhang Yanfeng.

This was truly too different from what Zhang Shirui had anticipated.

“Why would you ask that question?” Seeing the worry-filled Zhang Shirui, Zhang Boyi revealed a surprised look in his eyes.

“I am also uncertain as to why I asked that question. That Chu Feng seems to have become someone completely different. His world spirit techniques seem to be very powerful,” said Zhang Shirui.

“No matter how strong his world spirit techniques might be, they’re only world spirit techniques. How could world spirit techniques possibly contend against martial power? Besides, the person he’s facing is our big brother, Zhang Yanfeng.”

“Don’t you know very well how terrifying our big brother is when he becomes serious?” said Zhang Boyi.

“Oh, now that you mention it,” Zhang Shirui suddenly gained confidence after hearing his words.

After all, back when Zhang Yanfeng was not serious when sparring against them, they thought that they would be able to defeat him. Even if they ended up losing to him, they would only lose by a slight margin.

However, during that one time Zhang Yanfeng became serious, they discovered that the disparity between them was actually very vast.

“Why didn’t I think of that? Them being equally matched right now is nothing more than a facade.”

“Big brother's likely only toying with Chu Feng.”

“Yes, that must be it. That’s right, how could trash as weak as that Chu Feng be able to match big brother?”

When Zhang Shirui looked to the battle again, the worry in her eyes had disappeared, and was replaced with anticipation.

She was looking forward to her big brother Zhang Yanfeng defeating Chu Xuanyuan’s son.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

As the battle between Chu Feng and Zhang Yanfeng continued, they began to use increasingly ferocious attacks against one another. Energy ripples began to wreak havoc throughout their surroundings, blocking the crowd’s line of sight.

Had Chu Feng and Zhang Yanfeng not deliberately suppressed their power, everyone present would likely be implicated by their battle.


Suddenly, a muffled sound was heard. Following that, a figure was shot out from the battle and smashed into the walls.

Looking to the person that flew out, the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen were all struck dumb.

The person who was fixed to the wall was actually their Zhang Yanfeng.

Furthermore, Zhang Yanfeng was completely covered in wounds!!!

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