Chapter 3558 - Finding Out The Truth

Chapter 3558 - Finding Out The Truth

Chu Feng noticed that it was not only Zhang Shirui who had a pendant around her neck; Zhang Boyi also had the same sort of pendant around his neck.

Earlier, Chu Feng was unable to determine what was special about that pendant, not even when Zhang Shirui touched it and sealed away Chu Feng’s spirit power with it.

However, after they entered the passageway inside the spirit formation gate, Chu Feng noticed the faint glimmer flickering from the pendant. That glimmer was very weak. If he wasn’t paying very close attention, it would be very difficult to detect it.

‘It would appear that the pendants are very closely related to the strange power of this place,’ Chu Feng made a resolution that he would snatch their pendants away.

Suddenly, Zhang Shirui asked, “Oh, that’s right, big bro, you still haven’t finished telling me why clan chief would suddenly order us to all move into the main formation?” 

It seemed like she was asking Zhang Boyi about something before Chu Feng’s arrival.

Chu Feng’s arrival interrupted them. Because of that, she wanted to continue discussing what she was originally talking about with Zhang Boyi.

“The Head Protector is dead,” said Zhang Boyi.

“Head Protector died?!” Zhang Shirui revealed a look of shock. “That’s not a funny joke.”

“I’m not joking with you. It’s true. That information came directly from Lord Clan Chief. How could it be false?” said Zhang Boyi.

“Who killed him?” asked Zhang Shirui.

“He died through self-detonation. Thus, we still don't know who caused it.”

“Furthermore, it was not only Head Protector that died. People are dying nonstop from the experts that our clan dispatched.”

“This is completely different from what we had anticipated. Logically, the number of experts in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm should be very finite. It should be impossible for them to be able to contend against us after entering the Void Sacred Tree. They should’ve been fish on the chopping block, waiting to be captured by our clan.”

“Yet, the current situation is different from what we expected. We seem to have miscalculated.”

After hearing what Zhang Boyi said, Zhang Shirui began to ponder. After contemplating for some time, she asked, “There’s experts from other powers that entered the Void Sacred Tree?”

“We can’t be certain. However, we’ve met our match this time around. After all, Head Protector was a peak Exalted-level expert.”

“Even if he killed himself through self-detonation, he is the Head Protector. This means that the clansmen dispatched by our clan have encountered dangers.”

“For the sake of preventing any leaking of our secret, we had no choice but to move,” said Zhang Boyi.

“Our clansmen are not afraid of death. They will definitely not sell us out,” said Zhang Shirui.

“There is nothing that is absolute. It’s best that we be careful,” said Zhang Boyi.

“Didn’t we manage to capture some people earlier? There are most definitely people from other powers mixed into those people. Let us properly interrogate them, we will definitely be able to obtain results,” said Zhang Shirui.

“Big brother is currently interrogating them,” said Zhang Boyi.

“That’s great. Let’s hope that we can learn something,” said Zhang Shirui.

The two of them were not talking to one another using voice transmission. Thus, Chu Feng was able to clearly hear their conversation.

This not only cleared the doubt in Chu Feng’s mind, but he was also practically certain that there seemed to be no other experts there beside the three siblings. Otherwise… that Zhang Yanfeng would not be the person in charge.

If one must pretend, then one must pretend all the way. After learning about the situation from their conversation, Chu Feng should naturally react to it. Because of that, he spoke in a very panicked manner, “You all, exactly who are you? Why am I feeling that you are planning to do something bad?”

“None of your business,” Zhang Shirui glanced at Chu Feng with contempt.

“It originally had nothing to do with me. But, the two of you are speaking about such confidential matters in front of me. Could it be… you really plan to kill me?”

Chu Feng revealed a look of fear. It seemed like he was nearly about to cry from terror.

Seeing Chu Feng like that, Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi decided to completely ignore him. After laughing mockingly, the two looked to one another.

Zhang Boyi sighed. Then, he said mockingly, “Never would I have imagined Chu Xuanyuan’s son to be such trash. What use is it if he possesses exceptional talent? With how cowardly he is, he’s destined to be trash.”

“Who cares about that? He’s been defeated by me. I’m going to flaunt that before big brother later,” Zhang Shirui had a look of expectation.

Soon, Chu Feng, Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi’s speed of descent started slowing down, and their feet finally landed on solid ground.

They landed in a vast palace hall. That palace hall was very exquisite.

There was a young man sitting in the master seat of the palace hall. He was holding his head up with his hand, and seemed to be resting with his eyes closed.

That young man had a very handsome look. His skin was fair like snow. That skin was better than even women’s skin. As for his facial features, they were practically perfect. He could be said to be a very rarely seen handsome man.

However, there was a shortcoming to him. That was… his head, especially the back of his head, was rather large.

Chu Feng knew immediately that that person should be the older brother of Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi, the strongest of the three, Zhang Yanfeng.

Apart from the three siblings, there were also a lot of other Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen present. They were all standing around the palace hall in an orderly manner, like guards.

Chu Feng had confirmed his guess. Sure enough, there was no one stronger than Zhang Yanfeng present.

Otherwise, those Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen would not be so overly cautious.

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