Chapter 3557 - The Shameless Chu Feng

Chapter 3557 - The Shameless Chu Feng

“It would appear that the two of you have heard of me before?” Chu Feng asked with a pleased look.

“Who hasn’t heard of Chu Xuanyuan’s son in the Ancestral Martial Starfield?”

“That said, this lady actually hadn’t paid attention to you before. After all, you were rumored to be trash.”

“However, I’ve heard that you’ve become quite powerful now. It’s said that you managed to tie with Linghu Hongfei, and obtain the first ranked spot in the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars?” said Zhang Shirui.

“You’ve praised me. Indeed, that was me.”

“Since you all know who I am, you should know that you’re no match for me, no?” said Chu Feng.

“Hahaha. If you are to use your world spirit techniques, we will indeed not be a match for you.”

“Unfortunately for you, this place… is our territory,” said Zhang Shirui.

After she finished saying those words, Chu Feng noticed Zhang Shirui placing her palm on her chest. She was wearing a pendant on her neck.

The pendant just so happened to land on her chest. What Zhang Shirui’s palm touched was none other than that pendant.

That said, that was not what was important. What was important was that at the instant when Zhang Shirui’s palm touched her pendant, Chu Feng felt an aura rushing out from beneath the ground.

Even though that aura was very faint and simply undetectable by ordinary people, Chu Feng, with how alert he was, was able to detect it with his spirit power.


Zhang Shirui leaped down from the tree branch and started to walk slowly toward Chu Feng.

“What one hears might be false. One can only believe it when one witnesses it for oneself. Come, Ancestral Martial Starfield’s youngest Saint-cloak World Spiritist, allow me to experience exactly how powerful your world spirit techniques might be,” Zhang Shirui looked to Chu Feng provocatively. That smile on her face appeared extremely vile, extremely infuriating.

Chu Feng had already realized that Zhang Shirui must’ve done something that allowed her to gain the confidence to provoke him like that.

As expected, after Chu Feng released his spirit power, he discovered that his spirit power seemed to be sealed, and he was simply unable to release it at all.

Even though his psyche was fine, he was unable to release his world spirit power to set up spirit formations.

Sure enough, Zhang Shirui had done something. Likely, they possessed some sort of powerful treasure.

“It would appear that this place is not as simple as it appeared to be,” said Chu Feng.

“Aiyo, seems like you’ve discovered that you’re unable to use your world spirit techniques,” Zhang Shirui began to smile in an even more pleased and arrogant manner. Bluntly, she said, “What do you plan to do now? Are you going to concede, or do you need this young lady to beat you up before admitting defeat?”

As she said those words, Zhang Shirui released her aura.

Rank nine Martial Immortal. Sure enough, the captured Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen did not lie to Chu Feng.

Although this cultivation was weaker than Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei, it surpassed all the others of the Ancestral Martial Decastars. Even Wuma Shengjie and Linghu Yueyue would not be a match for her.

That woman was indeed very powerful. Unfortunately, she was still no match for Chu Feng.

Thus, with Zhang Shirui being his opponent, Chu Feng had a confident expression, and gracefully raised his hand. With a smile on his face, he opened his mouth and asked with a tone of resolution, “I admit defeat.”

“Wha?” Chu Feng’s words shocked not only Zhang Shirui, but even Zhang Boyi, who stood behind her.

Zhang Shirui turned around and looked to Zhang Boyi. She seemed to want to ask him what was going on.

When she saw Zhang Boyi’s look of bewilderment, she knew that he must be dumbfounded too.

This was completely different from what they’d imagined.

“You… just then, you conceded?” Zhang Shirui asked cautiously.

“You’re a peak Martial Immortal, whereas I’m only a rank seven Martial Immortal. There’s two entire levels of cultivation between us. I am no match for you. If I don’t admit defeat, I’ll only be asking for a beating, no?” Chu Feng said.

“Weren’t you rumored to have cultivated the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, and also managed to unlock the Heavenly Bloodline’s power of Lightning Armor like Linghu Hongfei?” Zhang Boyi asked.

“Brother, you don’t understand. Rumors are merely rumors. I Chu Feng know best as to how capable I am.”

“As the saying goes, a wise man submits to circumstances. I, Chu Feng, am a man who is capable of adapting to circumstances,” Chu Feng said.

Seeing Chu Feng acting so natural when he said those words, Zhang Boyi and Zhang Shirui’s expressions started to distort even more.

“Are you really Chu Xuanyuan’s son?”

“Wasn’t Chu Xuanyuan rumored to never admit defeat? Why do you appear… appear… appear to be so shameless?” Zhang Shirui looked to Chu Feng with a puffed up mouth.

Evidently, the Chu Feng before her was extremely different from what she had imagined him to be like. This caused her to feel contempt for him.

“Hehe. Thank you for your praise, young lady,” Chu Feng clasped his fist respectfully with a grinning smile on his face.

“Praise? Are you lacking in your ability to comprehend things?” Zhang Shirui narrowed her brows.

“As the saying goes, if one is not shameless, one would’ve wasted one’s youth. I, Chu Feng, am full of mettle. How could I possibly lack the trait of shamelessness?” Chu Feng said.

“What the fuck?! I’ve seen shameless people before, but never have I seen someone as shameless as you,” Zhang Shirui looked at Chu Feng with a gaze filled with contempt.

However, Chu Feng was not angered in the slightest. Instead, he clasped his fist at her again.

“Two friends, as the saying goes, encountering each other means fate. Since we have been brought together by fate, how about we become sworn siblings?” said Chu Feng.

“Who would want to become a sworn sibling of someone as shameless as you?!”

As Zhang Shirui spoke, she clenched her fist and a rope formed with martial power appeared in her hand. Then she raised her arm, and the rope started flying toward Chu Feng, tying him up.

“Little sister, even if you don't wish to become my sworn sister, you can pretend that I, Chu Feng, never suggested that. However, what is this?” Chu Feng had a look of surprise.

Suddenly, Zhang Boyi spoke again, “Chu Feng, that gate that you shattered earlier was built by us. Shouldn’t you pay the price for destroying it?” 

“Pay the price? What do you two plan to do?” Chu Feng asked.

“We want your life. What do you think about that?” Zhang Boyi revealed an ice-cold expression.

“What? That’s only a gate, yet you two want my life?” Chu Feng revealed a look of terror and helplessness.

“Only a gate? Do you know what gate that is?” Zhang Shirui revealed a look of anger upon hearing Chu Feng’s words.

“Don’t worry, don’t be afraid just yet. We’re not going to kill you right away,” Zhang Boyi’s smile became strange.

Then, Zhang Boyi waved his sleeve, and a spirit formation gate appeared on the ground.

Following that, Zhang Boyi and Zhang Shirui grabbed Chu Feng and leapt into the spirit formation gate.

“Release me! Release me! That was nothing more than a gate made of tree branches, I’ll build another one for you. No, not one, I’ll build a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand such gates for you.”

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

Chu Feng shouted in panic. He appeared very humiliating.

However, he was actually feeling overjoyed.

In terms of strength, Chu Feng, with his cultivation, would be able to easily take care of both Zhang Shirui and Zhang Boyi. In fact, he would not even have to move his hands to take care of them.

He was purposely allowing himself to be captured.

Chu Feng knew very well that the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen were all people that possessed integrity. He felt that Zhang Boyi and Zhang Shirui were likely the same.

He believed that it would be very difficult to obtain confessions from the two of them through torture.

Besides, the two of them had control over some sort of special power within that space.

Thus, Chu Feng was not absolutely confident that he would be able to defeat the two of them.

Because of that, he decided that he might as well pretend to not be a match for them, and allow himself to be captured. Perhaps then he would be able to find the other captives.

At that time, he would seek an opportunity to break free.

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