Chapter 3520 - Sacred Heavenly Temple

Chapter 3520 - Sacred Heavenly Temple

After hearing what Li Yue’er said, Chu Feng realized why she would react like that.

It turned out that this girl thought that she had encountered an obstruction in the middle of her breakthrough, and started hallucinating.

She believed that Chu Feng was nothing more than an illusion.

“Little girl, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen one another. How about a hug?”

Not only did Chu Feng say those words shamelessly with a smile on his face, but he even opened his arms in an embrace.

That said, he was merely joking, and did not really plan to hug Li Yue’er.

However, Chu Feng’s joke frightened her, and made her shrink back subconsciously.

Sure enough, that girl was very different from her older sister. She was much more reserved.

“Never would I have imagined that you’d be this shameless even in my illusion,” Li Yue’er narrowed her brows as she looked at Chu Feng. Although she became completely alert against him, she showed no signs of anger.

“Say, girl, what are you talking about? Am I that much of a shameless person in your heart?” Chu Feng felt helpless.

“You yourself know best just what sort of person you are. Calling you shameless is already speaking very highly of you. It would be more suitable to call you a giant pervert,” Li Yue’er rolled her eyes at Chu Feng.

Black lines rolled down Chu Feng’s forehead. He had never expected that Li Yue’er would categorize him like that. However, upon thinking over and recalling what had happened between him and Li Yue’er, the title of ‘giant pervert’ was not baseless.

Momentarily, Chu Feng was at a loss as to how to refute her.

“Cough cough… so, you’ve successfully made your breakthrough. That’s great,” Helpless, Chu Feng decided to shift the topic to conceal his awkwardness.

“Ah?” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, Li Yue’er came to a sudden realization.

She discovered that her aura was already that of a rank one Exalted. Furthermore, her aura was being emitted from her body automatically. She had really managed to make a breakthrough.

Since she had succeeded in making her breakthrough, she shouldn’t have encountered any illusions.

Could it be...

“Could it be that this isn’t an illusion?” Li Yue’er blinked her large, beautiful eyes. A completely puzzled and stunned look was present in her eyes.

“What nonsense illusions? Do I really resemble an illusion that much?” Chu Feng shrugged with a smile.

Li Yue’er did not answer Chu Feng. Instead, she cast her gaze to the location of Lord Frog.

Soon, Li Yue’er turned her eyes back to Chu Feng. She was pleasantly surprised, “Ah, it really is you! But… why would you… why would you appear here?”

Chu Feng was able to understand her reaction. She had most definitely conversed with that Lord Frog through voice transmission, and learned from him that she was not in an illusion.

“I was actually lying to you earlier. I am an illusion, and not real,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Is it very funny to tease me?”

“If it wasn't because I thought you to be an illusion earlier, I would apologize to you,” Li Yue’er pouted in a slightly displeased manner.

Chu Feng knew that this girl was not as easy-going as her older sister. Thus, he did not dare continue to tease her, and decided to tell her what had actually happened.

Then, Li Yue’er began to tell Chu Feng about the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation.

The Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation had many hurdles. With every hurdle passed, one would obtain a certain amount of profit.

That said, all of the hurdles were located in the long corridor. Ordinary people were simply unable to enter the main hall, and unable to see the formation core.

Even her older sister Li Ruochu had only managed to enter the palace hall, and didn’t manage to enter the formation core.

The reason why Li Yue’er was able to enter the formation core to train was because she had obtained the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation’s acknowledgement.

As such, she would not be leaving the formation in the near future. She planned to continue to stay in there to train until she was no longer capable of making further breakthroughs in cultivation.

Chu Feng was able to understand why she had made such a decision.

The path of martial cultivation was a very difficult path. For Li Yue’er to be able to encounter such an opportunity, she should naturally seize it properly. Even if it was Chu Feng in her shoes, he would also stay till he could not break through anymore.

“That’s why, Chu Feng, I will have to trouble you in telling my big sister not to worry about me,” said Li Yue’er.

“I will naturally tell her that. You don’t have to worry.”

“However, since I’ve already come here, you must accept this gift from me, no?” As Chu Feng spoke, he handed the two Exalted-level Sacred Temple Beads that he had placed on the ground earlier to Li Yue’er.

“I’m afraid that this gift is too precious, no?” Li Yue’er wanted to refuse his gift.

However, Chu Feng would naturally not allow her to refuse them. Thus, the two of them exchanged words back and forth. In the end, Li Yue’er had no choice but to choose to receive Chu Feng’s gift.

However, she sighed regretfully afterwards. “Unfortunately there’s only two. Otherwise, it would definitely be more interesting should the two of us enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple together.”

“You and I are thinking the same thing. That’s why… I came prepared,” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out two more Exalted-level Sacred Temple Beads.

It was precisely because Chu Feng wanted to enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple together with Li Yue’er that he had accepted four Exalted-level Sacred Temple Beads from the Tantai Heavenly Clan.

“You’ve actually come prepared. In that case, let us go together and have a look at what sort of place the Sacred Heavenly Temple from the Exalted-level Sacred Temple Beads will be like.”

As Li Yue’er spoke, she placed the locking bead and opening bead together in her palm.

As the two Sacred Temple Beads collided, a faint light began to flicker on her hand. Then, Li Yue’er’s entire body was covered by the light.

Chu Feng knew that she must’ve entered the Sacred Heavenly Temple.

Seeing that, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and allowed the two beads in his hand to collide.

Instantly, his surroundings changed...

In merely the blink of an eye, Chu Feng found himself amidst the vast starry sky.

His legs were standing in the air. Endless flickering stars filled his sight. Even when he looked downward, countless stars filled the void all around him.

The sensation from such a place was so real and powerful. Even though Chu Feng was a Saint-cloak World Spiritist, he was still unable to see any traces of any illusions that might be present.

Chu Feng became extremely excited. He knew very well that the Sacred Heavenly Temple that he had not seen in a long time would soon appear again!!!

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