Chapter 3518 - Chu Feng’s Breakthrough

Chapter 3518 - Chu Feng’s Breakthrough

The reason why the mysterious existence was so shocked was because he had used his special observation method very secretively when he observed Chu Feng. Yet, even though he was so secretive, he had still exposed his location to him.

This meant that Chu Feng had been prepared to detect his location. Otherwise, he couldn’t have detected him.

This made him realize that this brat was definitely not an ordinary person of the younger generation. His meticulous mind resembled that of an old monster that had lived for many years.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had managed to so effortlessly obtain the acknowledgement of the Lightning Curse. His talent was most definitely superb too.

He was such a young Saint-cloak World Spiritist, was capable of obtaining the Lightning Curse’s acknowledgement, and, ignoring his talent, he possessed such a scheming mind.

Adding all of this together, even that mysterious existence started to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

“Senior, this junior is only an ordinary martial cultivator.”

“If you insist on knowing who I am, then I guess you can say that I am a friend of that girl,” Chu Feng pointed to Li Yue’er.

“You decided to risk your life like that because you’re a friend of that girl? Brat, you’re acting modest. A brat like you is qualified to have this old man remember your name.”

“Go ahead and tell me, what is your name?” that voice asked again. This time around, it was no longer omnidirectional, but instead coming precisely from that stone frog.

Chu Feng was able to personally witness that the stone frog on the stone statue actually opened its mouth to speak to him.

That said, he also knew that that individual was definitely not a simple stone statue.

“Junior is called Chu Feng. Senior, how shall I address you?” Chu Feng replied with his fist clasped.

“You can call me Lord Frog,” said that so-called Lord Frog.

“Junior Chu Feng greets Lord Frog,” Chu Feng bowed respectfully.

“Brat, you’re quite intelligent. That said, since you’ve obtained the Lightning Curse’s acknowledgement, if you don't seize the opportunity to train right away, the power of the Lightning Curse will disperse,” said Lord Frog.

“In that case, Lord Frog, this junior will attempt to make a breakthrough,” Chu Feng said.

“Do it quickly. Don’t miss this opportunity,” Lord Frog waved his hand.

Soon, Chu Feng sat down cross-legged and began to attempt his breakthrough.

That so-called Lord Frog possessed strength far surpassing Chu Feng. With the situation being like that, Chu Feng was not afraid that Lord Frog would attempt to harm him. After all, had he wanted to harm him, he would not be able to guard against him.



Outside the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation. The Li Heavenly Clansmen all had pretty decent expressions on their faces.

The unstable Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation had been stabilized.

“That brat from the Chu Heavenly Clan is truly quite capable,” Berserker Li praised.

“He is Chu Xuanyuan’s son, after all,” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said indifferently.

However, those words of his revealed that he had greatly acknowledged Chu Feng.

“Didn’t the rumors say that Chu Feng was incapable of martial cultivation? How could he mature to such a state?” Li Taiyi spoke with a puzzled expression.

“Perhaps that was done deliberately by Chu Xuanyuan. Or perhaps it was done deliberately by the Chu Heavenly Clan,” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Chu Heavenly Clan? Wasn’t their attitude toward Chu Feng and Chu Xuanyuan back then…”

Li Taiyi and many of the other elders present all revealed confused expressions.

In their eyes, the Chu Heavenly Clan was composed of nothing more than a bunch of fools. The only people within the Chu Heavenly Clan worthy of respect and reverence were Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan. And now, Chu Feng had been added to the list too.

“Back then, the Starfield Master Realm had eyed them covetously. If it was our clan that was placed in such a situation, how are we to preserve our geniuses?” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. asked

“This… could it be, they really deliberately concealed the fact that Chu Feng could cultivate?”

The Li Heavenly Clansmen came to a sudden realization. At the same time, they felt greater disbelief.

“Only the Chu Heavenly Clan knows what the truth really is.”

“However, none of that matters anymore. What matters is that even if we ignore Chu Xuanyuan, because of the emergence of Chu Feng, the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield will likely think highly of the Chu Heavenly Clan,” said the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“In the case, Lord Clan Chief, does that mean that our clan can only coexist peacefully with the Chu Heavenly Clan even if the Upper Realm Gate opens completely?” Li Taiyi asked.

“What else can we do apart from coexisting peacefully? Didn’t you and Ruochu mention that Chu Feng was supported by Utmost Exalted-level experts?” asked the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Regarding that… I am uncertain if they are Utmost Exalted experts or not. Furthermore, those two individuals have already left. We also do not know what their relationship with Chu Feng is exactly. That is why, earlier, this subordinate…” Li Taiyi’s expression turned ugly.

He and Li Ruochu had mentioned what had happened in the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s remnant to the Li Heavenly Clan.

Thus, his decision to deliberately make things difficult for Chu Feng could be said to be an intentional violation of the warning he had given to others. As such, he would naturally feel guilty.

Fearing that the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief would punish Li Taiyi, many people spoke to plead for him. Even Berserker Li spoke out.

To the crowd’s surprise, the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief did not punish Li Taiyi. Instead, he sighed. “Regardless of whether those two mysterious women might be Chu Feng’s backers or not, we cannot make an enemy out of the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“Ruochu, after Chu Feng exits the grand formation, accompany me, together with Chu Feng, in proceeding to the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“It's time for us to wind up the grudges between our clan and the Chu Heavenly Clan,” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said to Li Ruochu.

Once he said those words, the crowd all came to a realization that the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was planning to reconcile with the Li Heavenly Clan. He was planning to personally go to the Chu Heavenly Clan to show his good faith.

If Dragon King Li did this earlier, people might be confused by his decision. However, they were all able to understand his decision now.

With the Chu Heavenly Clan having Chu Feng, it would naturally be best for their Li Heavenly Clan not to make an enemy out of them.

Compared to the others, Li Ruochu was much more cheerful after hearing their Lord Clan Chief’s decision. After all, she had advocated to not make an enemy out of the Chu Heavenly Clan from the very start.

“Lord Clan Chief, Elder Taiyi should accompany us too,” as Li Ruochu said those words, she deliberately took a glance at Li Taiyi.

Li Taiyi’s heart immediately tensed up upon hearing her words. He felt very displeased.

He knew very well that the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was going to the Chu Heavenly Clan to reconcile with them, whereas Li Ruochu was accompanying him purely because of her friendship with Chu Feng.

Should he accompany them too, it would not be that simple. He would naturally have to apologize to the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

After all, he had nearly killed him in the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s remnant.

“Right. Taiyi, you must go as well,” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief looked to Li Taiyi. His gaze was very threatening.

Seeing that gaze, Li Taiyi immediately started to shiver with fear. Even if he was thoroughly unwilling, he would have no choice but to brace himself and bow respectfully to answer, “Yes, Milord.”


Suddenly, thunder sounded from the ninth heaven.

The Li Heavenly Clansmen’s expressions immediately changed upon hearing the thunder and witnessing the lightning.

Whenever a Heavenly Bloodline possessor made a breakthrough, they would give rise to tribulation lightning. This was a very common sight in the Li Heavenly Clan.

Merely, the lightning high up in the sky was particularly fierce. Even they who had witnessed a lot of lightning had their attention completely captured by that lightning.

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