Chapter 3516 - Mysterious Voice

Chapter 3516 - Mysterious Voice

Rank nine Martial Immortal.

That was Li Yue’er’s current cultivation.

Thinking back to Li Yue’er’s cultivation when they had parted and seeing her current cultivation, her progress astonished even Chu Feng.

At that moment, he seemed to understand why others would reveal such expressions when they saw his progress.

It would appear that should one’s progress be too fast, it would truly stun others.

Furthermore, Li Yue’er was still attempting to make a breakthrough. She was attempting to reach the Exalted realm.

Chu Feng felt that it was most likely because of the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation that Li Yue’er was able to make such enormous progress in her cultivation.

Actually, Chu Feng had sensed that the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation possessed extraordinary powers the instant he entered it. Furthermore, the further in he went, the more powerful the natural energies became.

This place was truly a rare and sacred cultivation ground.

Having entered a place like that, Chu Feng had naturally also attempted to comprehend the natural energies there.

Unfortunately, it seemed as if the natural energies there had entered some sort of contract with the Li Heavenly Clan. It seemed like only people from the Li Heavenly Clan were capable of comprehending them.

Of course, this was merely Chu Feng’s guess, because he himself was unable to comprehend the natural energies here, whereas Li Yue’er was attempting a breakthrough using the power of this place. Although it was merely his guess, he felt that it was most likely the case.

“Sometimes, opportunities are things one will feel envy toward,” Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from sighing.

Thinking back, Chu Feng had experienced all sorts of tribulations, crashed his way through countless forbidden areas, and had many life and death experiences after leaving the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm in order to obtain his current cultivation. Yet Li Yue’er managed to obtain such progress by relying on only a single Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation.

This fully verified a saying. In the world of martial cultivators, talent and effort were both essential. However, in the end, opportunities and fortune would be what determined how far one could reach.

If one did not obtain sufficient opportunities and did not possess good fortune, then unless one truly possessed heaven-defying talent, all of their effort would be useless.

On the other hand, if one did not possess sufficient talent and did not put forth sufficient effort, but was able to encounter enormous opportunities, one would still be able to obtain enormous results.

Chu Feng knew this from his own experience. Although his talent and effort definitely contributed to his current cultivation, if it wasn’t for his good fortune and encountering experts that had helped him, he would’ve died multiple times already.

Even he himself had to admit that his fortune was very good.

That said, it would appear that that girl Li Yue’er also possessed very good fortune.


Suddenly, Li Yue’er’s little face started to distort. An expression of pain soon covered her face.

“This girl seems to have encountered some sort of difficulty.”

Chu Feng had actually long discovered that the lightning inside the formation core was caused by Li Yue’er.

If she wanted to increase her cultivation inside the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation, it would not be as easy as just comprehending natural energies.

She would also need to withstand the test of the formation core.

“It would appear that I’ll have to help her.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he planned to enter the formation core.

“Youngster, allow this old man to give you a word of advice.”

“Only Li Heavenly Clansmen are allowed to enter this spirit formation. If you are to enter it, you will not be able to obtain any benefits.”

Suddenly, a deep and resounding voice sounded in the palace hall.

Chu Feng looked all around, yet he was unable to find anyone. Likewise, he did not manage to determine which direction that voice came from.

“Senior, may I ask who you are?” Chu Feng asked with his fist clasped.

Chu Feng became very cautious. He had determined that Li Yue’er and him were not the only people inside the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation. Someone else was in there.

Furthermore, that individual was most likely stronger than him.

“You do not need to know who this old man is. This old man merely wanted to let you know that the power of this place can only be used by the Li Heavenly Clan.”

“Although the benefits can only be enjoyed by the descendants of the Li Heavenly Clan, you will still be attacked by the lightning should you enter that spirit formation.”

“To put it simply, if you are to enter the formation, you will not be able to obtain any benefits, but you will suffer all the accompanying torments,” That voice sounded again.

“Senior, I don't have any intention to obtain the benefits of this place. I merely want to help my friend,” Chu Feng said.

“Her? You are merely a person of the younger generation. You should carefully evaluate how powerful that lightning is. If you are to enter the spirit formation, both your body and soul will be extinguished,” the tone of that voice turned into one of mockery. That individual seemed to not believe that Chu Feng had really journeyed here because he wanted to help Li Yue’er.

Originally, Chu Feng had wanted to converse with him. After all, for an unknown existence to appear there, Chu Feng still did not know if he might be friend or foe.

However, the expression of pain on Li Yue’er's face grew more and more intense.

Chu Feng knew very well that he must act. Otherwise, she might end up suffering from fatal danger.

“Hey! Did you not understand the words spoken by this old man?”

“Youngster, this old man will advise you again. While it is fine to be greedy, one must stop before going too far. You should not end up throwing your life away because of greed.”

Seeing that Chu Feng seemed to still be planning to enter the spirit formation, that voice sounded again.

“Thank you, senior, for your reminder. However, I know what to do.”

After finishing those words, Chu Feng directly stepped into the formation core.


At the moment Chu Feng entered the formation core, the lightning began to violently attack him. However, he was completely uninjured. The reason for that was because a layer of Saint-level spirit power had covered his body.

“This brat… is actually a Saint-cloak World Spiritist?”

At that moment, the voice that had sounded in the palace hall was filled with astonishment.

As for Chu Feng, he no longer bothered with the voice.

He knew that Li Yue’er was attempting a breakthrough, was at a crucial junction, and needed his help.

Thus, after entering the spirit formation, Chu Feng arrived behind Li Yue’er and sat down cross-legged.


Soon, the appearance of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak could be seen on Chu Feng’s body.

“This world spiritist cloak actually possesses such power?”

The voice sounded a bit astonished. It seemed to be able to sense that Chu Feng’s spirit power became even stronger as the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak appeared on him.

After Chu Feng strengthened his spirit power, he began to form hand seals. Then, he closed his eyes and became motionless.

Even though the lightning in the formation core was continuously striking down on him like he was an intruder, only a small amount amount of lightning was striking at him. The great majority of the lightning inside the formation core was attacking Li Yue’er.

It was as if she was their main target.

In that sort of situation, the expression of pain on Li Yue’er’s face grew denser and denser. Her complexion even began to turn increasingly pale. Her body was also starting to tremble. She seemed like she could not withstand the lightning for much longer.


Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his eyes. At the moment that happened, over half of the lightning in the spirit formation struck toward him.

Originally, due to the fact that he was covered by a spirit formation barrier, the lightning was simply unable to reach him to damage him.

However, at that moment, the spirit formation barrier acted as if it had weakened. The lightning was penetrating through the barrier and causing harm to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng also began to reveal a pained look on his face.

“Greedy fellow, didn’t I say that you’re unable to obtain the power of this place? To do this even after I’ve warned you, you are truly courting death. You deserve this.”

The voice sounded increasingly mocking.

It seemed to be able to tell that Chu Feng had deliberately weakened the strength of the spirit formation barrier to allow the lightning to strike him. Chu Feng was attempting to obtain benefits from the grand formation.

However, that mysterious existence knew very well that what he was doing was completely useless.

“This guy, exactly what is he doing?”

However, soon, the voice sounding from the palace hall turned to a questioning one.

It discovered that as the lightning penetrated through Chu Feng’s body, white light began to shine from him. The white light was extremely gentle natural energies. After withstanding the lightning strikes, one would be able to obtain such natural energies.

However, such natural energies were things that only the Li Heavenly Clansmen could use. Even if outsiders managed to create such natural energies after withstanding the lightning, the natural energies would quickly dissipate.

However, Chu Feng had managed to restrain the natural energies that should’ve dissipated within his body, making it so that they could not dissipate.

Even though he was also unable to refine the natural energies, he was refusing to allow them to leave.


Suddenly, Chu Feng raised his hands that were forming hand seals. One hand was placed on the back of Li Yue’er’s head, and the other was on Li Yue’er’s back.

The next moment, the natural energies that he had retained in his body began to flow into her body in an unceasing manner.

“This guy is actually really helping that Yue’er girl?!!

The voice within the palace hall exclaimed in astonishment. It was clearly feeling disbelief.

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