Chapter 3515 - Seeing Li Yue’er Again

Chapter 3515 - Seeing Li Yue’er Again

As the Li Heavenly Clansmen underwent a complete transformation in their attitude toward Chu Feng, Chu Feng himself naturally also heard their discussions.

However, he did not give the slightest bit of reaction. The reason for that was because he had already anticipated all this. This was also the reason why he dared to force Li Taiyi to kneel to apologize to him in the Li Heavenly Clan.

Chu Feng would not do anything that he was not confident in.

Currently, the spirit formation that he was setting up had long since been completed. He was currently activating it.

Chu Feng was planning to forcibly tear open an entrance in the sealed Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation.

This would be very difficult to do. However, Chu Feng already had a plan.

In a short hour, a spirit formation gate appeared on the surface of the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation.

This spirit formation gate differed somewhat from ordinary spirit formation gates.

While it was also oval-shaped, it was very small and narrow. Furthermore, it was trembling nonstop. It looked very unstable, and even dangerous.

However, one such distorted and dangerous-looking spirit formation gate actually astonished all of the Li Heavenly Clansmen.

“He actually managed to accomplish it?! He really managed to forcibly create an opening in our Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation?!”

The Li Heavenly Clansmen burst into an uproar.

After all, unless the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation opened by itself, no one was able to enter it.

However, judging from the current situation, Chu Feng seemed to be on the verge of accomplishing a feat that had been impossible for everyone else.

“That spirit formation gate looks very strange. Not only is it unstable, it is also very dangerous,” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief frowned slightly as he said those words.

He was actually afraid that Chu Feng would not enter.

That said, he would not blame him if he were to cower. After all, everyone could sense how dangerous that spirit formation gate was. Chu Feng was there merely to help them; there was no reason for him to bare such risks.


To the crowd’s surprise, Chu Feng’s body shifted, and he directly rushed through the spirit formation gate.

“He… actually, really entered?”

After seeing Chu Feng enter it, the Li Heavenly Clansmen felt very complicated.

They had not expected Chu Feng to be so decisive. At the same time, they were rejoicing. Since he had managed to safely enter the spirit formation gate, perhaps their Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation could really be saved.

After Chu Feng passed through the spirit formation gate, the spirit formation gate disappeared.

As for Chu Feng, he had entered a vast and long corridor.

Chu Feng had been to too many places like that corridor. Thus, he knew that although the corridor appeared very spectacular, it, along with its contents, were all formed through a spirit formation.

Powerful world spiritists were capable of instantly creating a boundless palace, and filling its interiors with exquisite carvings and ornamental jewelry.

Chu Feng had already mastered this sort of thing back in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm.

As such, being a world spiritist, Chu Feng was extremely familiar with this sort of remnant, this sort of spirit formation.

It was precisely because he knew it very well that he was walking toward the depths of the long corridor in a very cautious manner. He knew very well that should he be inattentive, he might end up losing his life.

To his surprise, his journey onward was unusually smooth. He did not encounter any obstructions at all.

That said, this was not because the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation was one that was completely unobstructed and safe.

The marks on the walls made Chu Feng realize what was happening. It wasn’t that the path had no traps. Rather, all of the traps have been destroyed by someone.

Chu Feng felt that the person who had destroyed all the traps was very likely Li Yue’er.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng began to accelerate.

Finally, there was no longer an endless corridor before him. He had not yet reached the end of the long corridor. However, he was able to see the end.

There stood a vast palace.

A boundless spirit formation covered the vast palace.

At that moment, lightning was surging in the spirit formation, letting out thunderous roars akin to a struggle between a myriad of ferocious beasts.

The scene resembled a great calamity descending upon the spirit formation.

It was extremely imposing!!!

Seeing that sprint formation, Chu Feng felt that it was very likely the formation core of the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation.

The change occuring in the Li Heavenly Clan was likely caused by this formation core.

After verifying that there were no traps ahead, Chu Feng leapt forth and into the vast palace hall.

At that moment, he noticed that the spirit formation was larger than he had anticipated. What he had witnessed at the end of the long corridor was merely the tip of the iceberg.

The palace hall he found himself in was extremely vast. If people were gathered there, the place could contain hundreds of millions of people and still have room to spare.

The grand formation seemed to cover the entire palace hall.

At that moment, the grand formation seemed to be completely flooded by lightning. That said, the amount of lightning differed by region.

The greatest amount of lightning was gathered in the southeast corner. The surging lightning there numbered several tens of thousands.

Chu Feng had a faint feeling that there seemed to be someone inside that area covered in lightning.

Thus, Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes to inspect that region. Upon activation, everything became clear.

Although that was the case, Chu Feng’s expression became complicated. He was pleasantly surprised.

The figure of a woman appeared in that region filled with lightning.

That woman had a very petite build, yet her figure was excellent.

It was especially true in regards to the woman’s little face. It was extremely beautiful.

Unfortunately, she gave off an air of coldness. That coldness seemed to originate from the depths of her bones.

Fortunately, she was wearing a long, light yellow skirt. Although the skirt was not dazzling to the eyes, it gave off a feeling of sunshine-like brightness that complemented the woman’s coldness, making her appear not too ice-cold.

As lightning struck, the woman’s long skirt was being lifted repeatedly. Her long, fair-skinned and beautiful legs appeared in Chu Feng’s eyes. Instantly, the beauty of that woman was raised to the extreme.

Beautiful. She was most definitely a rarely-seen beauty.

As for that woman, she was precisely the reason why Chu Feng had entered the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation.

She was none other than Li Yue’er.

Chu Feng was naturally very happy to see her. That said, he was also very surprised.

The reason for Chu Feng’s surprise was because he had never expected that Li Yue’er’s cultivation would have become so powerful!!!

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