Chapter 3506 - An Absurd Premonition

Chapter 3506 - An Absurd Premonition

“But, Lord Clan Chief, is the grand demon suppression formation truly capable of eliminating that monster in the future?” The Tantai Heavenly Clan’s elders were worried.

“Under the oppressive power of the grand demon suppression formation, the power of the Black-feathered Specter will continue to decline. While it's true that the grand demon suppression formation won't be able to eradicate it right now, I refuse to believe that it will not be able to eradicate it after its cultivation has decreased to a certain degree,” the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Nothing will happen during this period of time, right?” The Tantai Heavenly Clan’s elders were still worried.

After all, they had managed to clearly sense the power of the Black-feathered Specter earlier. Its power was simply too strong. They were unable to help feeling uneasy.

“Since the grand demon suppression formation is capable of suppressing it, there will naturally be no issues,” the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief spoke with confidence.

Seeing such confidence from the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, even though the elders were still worried, they started feeling much more at ease.

However, after the elders left, Tantai Xiangnan, the clan chief of the Tantai Heavenly Clan, an Utmost Exalted-level expert whose name would shake the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield, started to frown. Worry filled his eyes.

“Senior, why must you provoke a monster like that?”

Helplessness and regret filled Tantai Xiangnan’s face.

He was regretting his decision to activate the grand demon suppression formation.

If he hadn’t activated the grand demon suppression formation, at the very most, their Tantai Heavenly Clan would only have a person disappearing daily. At the very most, their clan would be ridiculed by others. However, it would still be able to continue on.

However, the grand demon suppression formation had now been activated. With it, they had completely infuriated the Black-feathered Specter.

If the grand demon suppression formation was to lose its effect, who knew what sort of revenge the Black-feathered Specter might take upon their Tantai Heavenly Clan?

Although Tantai Xiangnan believed that the spirit formation left behind by that senior expert would be able to suppress the Black-feathered Specter until its eradication, he was still worried that it might end up malfunctioning.

However, he could not show his worry before his clansmen.

As the clan chief, he had to keep his clansmen at ease. If even he started to fluster, chaos would inevitably engulf the entire Tantai Heavenly Clan.



Chu Feng and Wuming Xingyun had been assigned a luxurious palace in the Tantai Heavenly Clan.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I am truly apologetic. If it wasn’t for this old man’s negligence, young lady Bai Liluo wouldn’t have suffered the treacherous assault of the Black-feathered Specter.” Wuming Xingyun had an ashamed look on his face.

“Senior, the Black-feathered Specter is extremely powerful. If it wanted to do anything, no one would be able to stop it. Besides, although we don't know why it would suddenly reappear, it remains that it was the Tantai Heavenly Clan that provoked it to begin with. As such, this matter has nothing to do with you.”

“Furthermore, allow me to say something completely absurd. I keep having a premonition, a feeling, that my big sister Liluo is still alive. Although there is no basis for this premonition of mine, I somehow have a very intense feeling that it's true. That is extremely so when I stand before the Black-feathered Specter,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re saying that your premonition was extremely strong when you stood before the Black-feathered Specter, and it grew weaker once you left the palace?” Wuming Xingyun asked.

“I had the feeling the entire time. But… it was the most intense when I saw that Black-feathered Specter,” said Chu Feng.

“That is truly strange. Could it be that young lady Liluo’s disappearance is truly related to that Black-feathered Specter? Could the Black-feathered Specter be trying to tell you something?” Wuming Xingyun asked.

“I had thought of that possibility before too. But… why would that Black-feathered Specter do that? Could it be that big sister Liluo has already suffered a vicious attack, and now it’s deliberately sending this feeling to me to make me feel at ease?”

“But, there's no association between that Black-feathered Specter and myself. There's no need for it to toy with me like that. Furthermore, I had been pondering this matter the entire time too: big sister Liluo has no grievance with it either. Could it have really retaliated against big sister Liluo because she disguised herself as it?”

“Furthermore, I feel that no matter how powerful that Black-feathered Specter might be, it would not be so powerful that it could affect my state of mind. Thus, I feel that rather than saying that the Black-feathered Specter was sending me a message, I would rather believe that it was big sister Liluo who was sending me a message,” Chu Feng said.

“You mean to say that young lady Liluo is indeed that Black-feathered Specter, and that she is not currently faced with fatal danger?” Wuming Xingyun felt astonished.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

“If even that Black-feathered Specter is unable to affect your state of mind, shouldn’t young lady Liluo be even more incapable of affecting your state of mind?” Wuming Xingyun asked.

“Big sister Liluo is actually very unique. Whilst her cultivation might not be the strongest, whilst she might be weaker than the Black-feathered Specter, she is able to accomplish some unimaginable things.”

“Of course, this is merely my guess. After all, there is no basis for this. This is all purely an intuitive feeling of mine,” said Chu Feng.

“I would rather hope that there’s a basis for all this. If young lady Liluo really ends up perishing like this, this old man will feel ashamed all my life,” Wuming Xingyun sighed.

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