Chapter 3503 - God-level Demon Suppression Formation (Teaser)

Chapter 3503 - God-level Demon Suppression Formation

“Senior, how did you determine that my big sister Liluo’s disappearance is truly related to the Black-feathered Specter?” Chu Feng asked.

“When we discovered that letter, we also discovered another letter,” As the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief spoke, he took out another letter.

Compared to the letter Bai Liluo had left for Chu Feng, that letter was very simple. It was merely a piece of white paper. Thirteen large characters were written on the white paper with blood.

‘I will have your Tantai Heavenly Clan forever be ill at ease.’

Those words were very fierce and ugly. Furthermore, they contained killing intent.

Furthermore, there was a different aura present on the letter. It was an aura that originated from the Ancient Era. It was the Black-feathered Specter’s aura.

“Clan Chief Tantai, were these two letters...

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