Chapter 3496 - Questioning The Outcome (Teaser)

Chapter 3496 - Questioning The Outcome

“I object!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from the direction of the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound.

It was Linghu Tiemian.

Many people were displeased by Wuming Ken’s decision. Linghu Tiemian, as Linghu Hongfei’s older brother and someone who detested Chu Feng greatly, would naturally feel even more displeased by the decision.

With his reasoning clouded by rage, he actually voiced his objection, publicly questioning Wuming Ken’s decision.

Wuming Ken looked at Linghu Tiemian. He was not angered. Instead, using a very calm tone, he said, “Speak your objection.”

“Even if they ended up in a tie, the one who tied with Linghu Hongfei is that world spirit, and not Chu Feng. Chu Feng merely borrowed the strength of another. How is he qualified to be equal to Linghu Hongfei?” Linghu Tiemian asked loudly. Not only were his words powerful, but he was also filled with confidence.

He was acting as if he represented justice against this unfair decision.

“Another’s help?”

“Mn, what you’ve said is very reaso...

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