Chapter 3493 - Terrifyingly Powerful (Teaser)

Chapter 3493 - Terrifyingly Powerful

“Young lady, you’re very powerful.”

“It would appear that the power Chu Feng was using earlier belonged to you?” Linghu Hongfei asked.

“So it’s actually her power? No wonder, no wonder.”

Linghu Hongfei’s words brought enlightenment to many people.

However, the female world spirit completely ignored Linghu Hongfei’s question. Instead, she waved her arm, and boundless black gaseous flames burst forth from her body like a volcanic eruption.

After the black gaseous flames appeared, a very disturbing aura was immediately felt.

The crowd were unable to determine exactly what sort of black gaseous flames those were. They were simply unable to keep themselves from feeling fear toward it.

Even the monstrous beasts present, whose nature was more vicious...

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