Chapter 3475 - The Summoning From The Death Gate

Chapter 3475 - The Summons From The Death Gate

Upon learning that there was actually a way to kill Chu Feng, not only did Linghu Tiemian’s gaze change, he also became extremely excited.

Linghu Tiemian held an enormously deep hatred against Chu Feng. Even in his dreams, he wanted to kill him.

Now that he had learned that there was a way for him to personally kill Chu Feng, he would naturally be excited.

“What sort of method is it?” he asked. Although he was still communicating through voice transmission, his tone was clearly impatient.

“I possess a treasure. Although my treasure is unable to kill Chu Feng, it holds enormous power. If you are to aim it at Chu Feng, he will definitely not be able to avoid it. He will become seriously injured.”

As Tantai Xing’er spoke, she took a pearl-sized bead from her hand.

That bead was black. However, it was covered in symbols, runes, and veined patterns.

The bead was only revealed in an instant. No one caught sight of it except for Linghu Tiemian.

“That seems to be the legendary Dark Black Wind And Lightning Talisman,” Linghu Tiemian gasped.

The Dark Black Wind And Lightning Talisman was a very rare treasure. Actually, rather than calling it a treasure, it would be more accurate to say that it was a rare weapon.

The Dark Black Wind And Lightning Talisman held enormous destructive power. Reportedly, it could obliterate Martial Immortals. Only Exalted-level experts would be able to contend against it. However… due to the fact that it could only be used once, and was extremely difficult to make, most people had only heard about it, and had never seen it before.

“Indeed, it’s a Dark Black Wind And Lightning Talisman. However, it isn't as powerful as the legends say it is. Thus, it would not be able to take Chu Feng’s life.”

“Didn’t you say that we could kill him? Since that thing is unable to kill him, how do you plan to kill him then?” asked Linghu Tiemian.

“I had originally planned to keep this Dark Black Wind And Lightning Talisman to take care of Chu Feng when he’s off-guard. Although it is unable to kill him, it could bring about the opportunity to defeat him.”

“However, the situation now is different. The abnormal sign’s appearance has indicated the path of certain death. Should you use this Dark Black Wind And Lightning Talisman to push Chu Feng onto that path of certain death, he will naturally die,” Tantai Xing’er said.

“Truly?” asked Linghu Tiemian.

“If you don’t trust me, then forget about it,” said Tantai Xing’er.

“In that case, why don’t you do it yourself?” Linghu Tiemian asked.

“That’s because I don't wish to become a villain,” Tantai Xing’er said.

“Your answer this time is quite straightforward,” Linghu Tiemian felt speechless.

Whilst Tantai Xing’er didn’t wish to become a villain, did that mean that he, Linghu Tiemian, wished to become one?

Geniuses like them all wanted to have a good reputation. Even if they were generally arrogant and despotic, and had done all sorts of evil, they would still try their best to maintain a good impression before their seniors, all those experts and all those people.

At the very least, they could not afford to do something like mounting a sneak attack behind someone’s back.

“Consider it properly. This is a rare opportunity. If you are to miss it, you’ll likely end up regretting it,” Tantai Xing’er said.

“There will be plenty of opportunities for me to kill him in the future,” Linghu Tiemian said.

“While it's true that you will have a lot of opportunities to kill him in the future, what about today?”

“Today, with Linghu Hongfei not participating in the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars, who in your clan could possibly contend against Chu Feng? If Chu Feng is to obtain first place, it will become an eternal and unerasable humiliation to your clan. Even if you all are able to kill Chu Feng in the future, could it change anything about the humiliation today?” asked Tantai Xing’er.

Hearing those words, Linghu Tiemian’s expression became gloomy. At the same time, he started to contemplate.

Chu Feng did not notice the petty maneuvering between Linghu Tiemian and Tantai Xing’er.

At that moment, he had landed before the twelfth entrance.

This was the entrance that Chu Feng felt to be the safest and the fastest to pass through.

That said, although he was standing before the twelfth entrance, his gaze was on the thirteenth entrance the entire time.

Although the abnormal sign had disappeared, and the gaze that was inspecting him had also disappeared with it, his aroused Nine Dragons Saint Cloak continued to react.

The Nine Dragons Saint Cloak had not revealed itself. The bystanders were simply incapable of seeing it at all.

However, Chu Feng was able to sense the surging power of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak. That sensation felt like he was being summoned. As for what was summoning him, it was none other than that thirteenth entrance.

‘Perhaps the legend is real.’

This thought appeared in Chu Feng’s mind. He felt that it was very possible that the legend was real, and that the thirteenth entrance might really be the path that led to the depths of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm.

As for those people that ended up disappearing forever, it could only serve to represent how dangerous the path was, and how insufficient their strength was.

If possible, Chu Feng really wanted to enter the thirteenth entrance to investigate.

Unfortunately, he could not. After all, he needed to save Bai Liluo. There was only a single method to save Bai Liluo -- obtain first place in the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars.

Because of that, he had to be fast. He needed to quickly pass the trial arranged by the Starfield Master Realm so that he could compete for first place. Thus, he could not afford to be delayed at all. Likewise, he could not afford to take risks.

“Why are you staring at the thirteenth entrance?” Right at that moment, a voice sounded beside Chu Feng. It was Wuma Shengjie.

Chu Feng had informed Wuma Shengjie that the twelfth entrance was the safest, and told her to follow him. Because of that, Wuma Shengjie had been beside Chu Feng the entire time.

However, even though they were clearly standing before the twelfth entrance, Chu Feng had been staring at the thirteenth entrance the entire time. This greatly puzzled Wuma Shengjie.

“It’s nothing. I am just casually looking at it. Come, let’s go. Let us witness if the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound’s hidden paths are truly as incredible as the legends have it,” Chu Feng said.

Although observation was practically essential, there were bold individuals that entered the hidden paths immediately. Thus, since Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie had verified which path they would take, they must naturally not waste any more time.

“Careful!” Suddenly, Wuma Shengjie shouted loudly. Following that, she violently pushed Chu Feng away.


In the next moment, electricity surged from behind Wuma Shengjie. Then, an explosion was heard.

It was lightning. Countless lightning bolts exploded from behind Wuma Shengjie and spread all around her.

Furthermore, it was not just lightning. There were also violent winds. The wind was so powerful that it directly pushed Wuma Shengjie away from the twelfth entrance into the thirteenth entrance.

Everything happened too suddenly. By the time Chu Feng managed to react to what had happened, Wuma Shengjie had already fallen into the thirteenth entrance.

“Linghu Tiemian, what are you doing?!” Chu Feng was completely enraged. With anger burning in his eyes, he stared at Linghu Tiemian.

The reason for that was because the person who had used a treasure to shoot Wuma Shengjie into the thirteenth entrance was none other than Linghu Tiemian.

Linghu Tiemian simply felt too much hatred for Chu Feng. He was determined to bare the weight of infamy by committing such a despicable act before all those people.

However, never did he expect that whilst Chu Feng hadn't noticed his movements, Wuma Shengjie had. Furthermore, because of her, Chu Feng ended up escaping from the calamity. This caused Linghu Tiemian enormous anger and regret.

After all, he had already committed such a despicable act. His name had already been blackened. Yet, he failed to accomplish his goal. Anyone would feel infuriated in his shoes.

“Consider yourself lucky,” Linghu Tiemian snorted coldly. Then, he shifted his body and directly leaped into a hidden path.

“Even if it’s to plot against others, that Linghu Tiemian is simply too despicable. He should be severely punished,” outside, Gong Qing complained angrily.

Even without her saying anything, those with discerning eyes were all able to tell that Linghu Tiemian was aiming for Chu Feng. Merely, Chu Feng was saved by Wuma Shengjie.

“His actions are indeed despicable. However, the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars has always been a competition. In the previous selections, there have been many acts of plotting against others. Even directly killing one’s opponent through plots has been seen before. This is something that is allowed within the rules. Merely, for Linghu Tiemian, with his status, to do this sort of thing, it is truly unsuitable,” said the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Exactly what sort of enormous hatred is there between them for Linghu Tiemian to do such a thing to Chu Feng?” At that moment, the crowd began to make all sorts of guesses.

“One could honorably take revenge for one’s hatred against someone. However, to use this sort of despicable method against someone, it could only represent one thing,” someone who had realized what was going on suddenly spoke.

“What does it represent?” The crowd asked in succession.

“That is, Linghu Tiemian would not be able to take revenge in an open and honorable manner. That is why he decided to do that,” that person said.

“Ah? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it mean that Chu Feng is truly so powerful that even Linghu Tiemian was forced to use despicable means against him?”

“Furthermore, after he failed in his plot, he immediately entered the hidden path. Could it be… he was afraid of Chu Feng coming after him for revenge, and escaped?”

The words spoken by that man who had realized what was going on immediately roused the crowd. All of a sudden, everyone came to a sudden realization. They all felt that Chu Feng was even more unfathomable. Otherwise, Linghu Tiemian wouldn’t possibly act that way.

“Linghu Tiemian is the third ranked of the Ancestral Martial Decastars. For even him to be afraid of Chu Feng like that, exactly how powerful is Chu Feng? Could it be that he is truly capable of showing disdain for all the outstanding heroes, like Chu Xuanyuan did in his youth?”

The crowd began to look at Chu Feng with great expectation in their eyes.

Many people felt that Chu Feng was most likely going to be first in the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars. After all, he possessed strength that even Linghu Tiemian feared.

However, in the very next moment, the crowd’s expressions changed enormously. Both the people from the older generation and those from the younger generation were completely astonished.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had actually turned around and leapt into the thirteenth entrance.

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