Chapter 346 - Archenemy

MGA: Chapter 346 - Archenemy

“Hmph. I’m talking to Chu Feng right now. How is it your turn to speak so much?” As he faced Gu Bo’s questioning, Jie Qingming lightly furrowed his brows and a touch of cold glare emerged into his eyes.

“It is only a fight between those in the young generation. If one’s ability is inferior to others, then they should be thoroughly convinced. So, how is it your turn to interfere, Jie Qingming?”

Just at that time, another voice came from the crowd. That voice was as gentle as water, yet also contained thunder-like explosive power. It was another person in the Heaven realm.

Slanting gazes to look over, within the crowd, a group of people walked over. It was the people from the World Spirit Guild. The person who led was a handsome male who seemed to be gentle. He held a feather fan and waved it in front...

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