Chapter 3457 - Truly A Qilin’s Egg? (Teaser)

Chapter 3457 - Truly A Qilin’s Egg?

This sudden occurrence had completely startled Chu Feng.

Chu Feng knew from the very start that the egg in his Cosmos Sack was extraordinary.

After all, it was something that he had obtained from the mystic realm of the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram.

When Chu Feng had braved the risk to keep the egg, he had already prepared himself for more risks in the future.

Merely, he did not expect the egg to react at such a time.

If the people from the Tantai Heavenly Clan were to learn that Chu Feng’s egg had absorbed the power of their Peach Garden Mystic Realm, they would likely not allow him to leave safely.

Suddenly, Tantai Xing’er asked loudly, “Seniors, what is happening?” Once her question was asked, an aged voice could be heard in the Peach Garden Mystic Realm.

“Xing’er, it seems that some sort of gap has appeared in the Peach Garden Mystic Realm. That gap is causing the power...

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