Chapter 3456 - Stirring Up The Heaven And Earth

Chapter 3456 - Stirring Up Heaven And Earth

“Young master Chu Feng, you’ve finally awoken.”

Once Chu Feng regained his awareness, a voice immediately sounded by his ear. It was Tantai Xing’er’s voice.

Once Tantai Xing’er’s voice was heard, both Wuma Shengjie and Gong Qing immediately turned their eyes to him.

“I have not fallen asleep,” Chu Feng smiled in an easy-going manner. He knew what she meant when she said he had finally awoken. Earlier, when he was observing with his Heaven’s Eyes, although his eyes were open, he was completely motionless, and had entered a meditative state. This naturally caught Tantai Xing’er’s attention.

“It would appear that young master Chu Feng used an extraordinary observational method earlier. In that case, young master Chu Feng, how was it? Did you manage to gain anything?” Tantai Xing’er asked. Her tone seemed to indicate that she knew that Chu Feng had managed to gain some profit.

“A little,” Chu Feng replied.

“Ah?” Chu Feng’s words not only surprised Wuma Shengjie and Gong Qing, but even Tantai Xing’er revealed a look of surprise.

“What’s wrong? Why are you all looking at me in such a manner?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, never would I have imagined that you'd be this powerful. I have tried so hard to survey the surroundings that my vision became blurry. Yet, I was unable to gain the slightest thing,” said Gong Qing.

“Neither have I,” Wuma Shengjie added.

“Oh?” Chu Feng was very surprised upon hearing those words. He felt that it was very normal for Gong Qing to be unable to comprehend anything. Yet, he did not expect Wuma Shengjie to also fail to comprehend anything.

“Miss Tantai, how many different methods are there to enter this formation?” Chu Feng asked Tantai Xing’er. The reason why he asked this question, and did not state the answer directly, was because Chu Feng felt that it was very normal for Wuma Shengjie and Gong Qing to be surprised, as the two of them had not manage to gain any harvest.

Tantai Xing’er’s surprise, on the other hand, was abnormal.

Earlier, she acted as if she had brought Chu Feng and the others there to help them gain benefits. When she asked Chu Feng whether or not he had managed to gain anything, she also reacted as if he should’ve gained something from the spirit formation.

However, after she heard that Chu Feng had really managed to gain some profit, she revealed a surprised look. Even though her surprised look lasted but an instant, it was still captured by Chu Feng.

Her reaction made Chu Feng realize that something was amiss. That was why he asked her that question, and did not directly disclose what he knew.

Before Tantai Xing’er could say anything, Gong Qing rushed to speak. “Chu Feng, did you not know that there’s only a single method to enter this place?”

“The method is to use a hundred thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones. As for the Purple-marked Spirit Stones, they are ores that come from the Ancient Era, and have a finite quantity. Because of that, they are extremely precious.”

“Today, Miss Tantai has paid an enormous amount so that the three of us can enter this place.” 

“Is that the case, Miss Tantai?” Chu Feng asked.

“That is indeed the case, young master Chu Feng,” Tantai Xing’er replied.

“Only a hundred thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones would be able to allow us to enter this place? What if it’s a bit less than a hundred thousand? For example, what if it’s ninety thousand, or eighty thousand? Or perhaps, what if it’s ten thousand?” Chu Feng asked in a very casual manner. However, his casual gaze was actually very focused. He had already activated his Heaven’s Eyes, and was observing Tantai Xing’er’s reaction to his question.

Had it been before, Chu Feng would not act like that. After all, Tantai Xing’er’s bringing them here was a generous act. As such, his should not use his Heaven’s Eyes to survey her; he should not behave in such a disrespectful manner.

However, Chu Feng had discovered that Tantai Xing’er’s behavior was strange. For the sake of ridding himself of his misgivings, he had no choice but to do so.

After Chu Feng said those things, what he did not wish to happen ended up happening.

Tantai Xing’er revealed a trace of panic in her eyes. Like her surprise earlier, that panicky expression lasted but an instant. In fact, her panicky expression disappeared even faster than her previous surprise.

Had it been before, Chu Feng might not have noticed it. However, with his Heaven’s Eyes activated, Chu Feng caught Tantai Xing’er’s panic completely.

Her instant of panic had made Chu Feng realize that Tantai Xing’er knew the answer. He had realized that that place was as the old man on the cliff had stated, and possessed ten different methods to enter. Every method would require one to pay a different sort of price. As such, the difficulty of comprehending things would also be different.

That was the so-called ten levels of inheritance.

“Young master Chu Feng, we have also attempted what you’ve said before. However, none of them worked. Only by using a hundred thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones would we be able to enter here. Neither a single spirit stone more nor a single spirit stone less would work,” said Tantai Xing’er.

Chu Feng came to a realization upon hearing her answer.

Tantai Xing’er was deceiving them.

She had insisted that a hundred thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones must be spent for every person to enter. Yet, the truth was that only ten thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones were spent per person.

It was precisely because only ten thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones were spent that Wuma Shengjie and Gong Qing ended up gaining nothing. Ten thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones were the lowest price to enter. Because of that, it was also the most difficult for one to gain martial comprehension from that place.

However, not even Tantai Xing’er had imagined that her despicable trick would end up profiting Chu Feng.

Chu Feng actually managed to comprehend the most difficult level of martial comprehension from that place. Not only that, but he had also discovered the secret of this place.

Although Chu Feng did not know if the Tantai Heavenly Clan also knew that there was another isolated space within the Peach Garden Mystic Realm, and that there were countless overwhelmingly powerful giant beasts sealed within that space, he was certain that no one apart from the Tantai Heavenly Clan knew that one could enter the Peach Garden Mystic Realm without a hundred thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones.

However, Chu Feng now knew it as well.

“Miss Tantai, you’ve spent a great amount of resources for us,” Chu Feng said to Tantai Xing’er. Although he knew that he had deceived them, since he had decided to put on a show, he would naturally have to do it till the end.

“Young master Chu Feng is being too courteous. Both young master Chu Feng and young master Wuma are our clan’s important guests. Furthermore, young master Chu Feng is a benefactor to me. As such, all that I’ve done were merely things that I should do.”

“Compared to the help that young master Chu Feng has provided me with, this is actually nothing at all,” After Tantai Xing’er finished saying those words, she asked in a very casual manner, “Oh, that’s right. Young master Chu Feng, you said earlier that you managed to gain some comprehension today. With young master Chu Feng’s talent, you must’ve gained quite considerably, right?”

“It most definitely cannot be considered a lot. I have merely managed to comprehend a trace of martial comprehension. However, it is very faint, and will not be able to help me much. Although that might be the case, I will still have to thank Miss Tantai. Although I did not manage to gain a lot today, I have still managed to broaden my horizons. This experience today will become helpful for my future martial cultivation journey,” Chu Feng said.

“Young master Chu Feng is being truly modest. With your talent, you couldn’t possibly only have managed to comprehend a trace of martial comprehension, no?” said Tantai Xing’er.

“Alas. Miss Tantai, you are truly overrating me. I, Chu Feng, am not that talented,” Chu Feng revealed a look of disappointment.

“Young master Chu Feng, the difficulty of gaining any martial comprehension in this place is extremely high to begin with. It is already remarkable that you were able to gain martial comprehension here,” Tantai Xing’er began to comfort Chu Feng.

Not even she realized that when she learned that Chu Feng had only gained a small amount of profit, the joy in her heart was once again revealed in her eyes.

It just so happened that her secret delight was captured by Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng started having a very bad impression of Tantai Xing’er. Chu Feng did not dislike scheming women. Merely, he greatly disliked people that schemed against him.


Right at that moment, a strange sound suddenly emerged in their surroundings.

“What is that sound?” The expressions of Chu Feng and the others all changed upon hearing that sound. The reason for that was because that sound was truly strange.

However, that was merely the beginning. The strange sound grew louder and louder. It began to sound like explosive thunderous rumbles as it sounded nonstop, louder and louder and louder.

Soon, their surroundings began to tremble violently.

Even those star-like characters and symbols that filled the boundless space began to tremble violently.

Soon, those ancient characters and symbols began to spin violently. It was as if they had encountered a tornado. Furthermore, their spinning speed was increasing nonstop.

Earlier, Chu Feng and the others had felt as if they were in the boundless starry sky standing here. However, an enormous change had now occurred to that boundless starry sky. It was overturning, and looked somewhat frightening.

“What’s going on?”

In this sort of situation, Gong Qing became incomparably nervous. Fear filled her face. She was already scared by the surrounding scene.

Compared to Gong Qing, Tantai Xing’er’s reaction relatively calm and collected. However, nervousness had filled her heart.

As someone from the Tantai Heavenly Clan, the master of this place, it was the first time that she witnessed such a scene. This caused her to feel very uneasy.

That said, the one that was feeling the most uneasy was not Tantai Xing’er. Instead, it was Chu Feng.

He had not managed to sense anything when that sudden sound emerged. However, now, after their surroundings had been completely stirred up, he was able to clearly sense...

...layers upon layers of power from the surrounding ancient characters and symbols were being absorbed.

It seemed that the absorption of the power was the cause of the disruption of the entire space.

As for what was absorbing that power, it was Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack.

To be exact, it was the mysterious egg within Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack!!!

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