Chapter 3455 - Sealing Giant Beasts With Fishing Line

Chapter 3455 - Sealing Giant Beasts With Fishing Line

A huge creature over a thousand meters in length was already enormous.

However, when placed before creatures several tens of thousands of meters in length, they immediately looked much smaller by comparison.

Fortunately, the abyss was extremely deep, and the enormous creatures were far away enough from Chu Feng. It was thanks to that that Chu Feng was able to have such a panoramic view of the enormous creatures.

To be exact, it was actually not a panoramic view, because Chu Feng felt that these enormous creatures were not all there were. He felt that there should be even more enormous creatures deep in the depths of the abyss.

Before reaching the edge of the cliff, Chu Feng was unable to see anything, unable to hear anything.

After reaching the edge of the cliff, he was able to both see and hear.

Screams were sounding nonstop from within the depths of the abyss. Some screams sounded crazy, while some seemed to be filled with grudges and resentment. Some others sounded very strange, and even horrifying.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was a rather bold individual. Had it been someone else, they would already be shivering after hearing the roars of those giant beasts, and would no longer dare to look down into the abyss anymore.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing roar was heard. At the same time, a burst of strong wind swept forth from beneath, shooting straight for the sky.

Chu Feng’s hair was scattered into the wind. In fact, he even failed to stand firm, and took a step back to stabilize himself.

Upon closer inspection of what had happened, Chu Feng cried ‘oh no’ in his heart,

A giant creature bearing a striking resemblance to a lion had its bloody-red moon-like eyes wide open with killing intent as it stared at Chu Feng.

Worst of all, after that lion-like beast roared, all of the enormous beasts down below the cliff turned upwards.

Chu Feng instantly felt countless gazes filled with killing intent fixed onto him. He felt as if he were a rabbit that had fallen into the den of a group of ferocious beasts.

Chu Feng felt as if he were powerless prey before those giant beasts that planned to eat him alive.


Finally, the group of beasts started to move. Chu Feng was able to hear the group of beasts soaring upward. In the next moment, like tornados, infinitely more ferocious killing intent swept forth from the deep abyss and instantly engulfed Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was unable to escape. Even though he was clearly still standing on the cliff, he felt as if he had fallen into hell.

In fact, at that moment, Chu Feng was unable to even move his body.

Only death awaited him.





Right at that moment, many firecracker-like sounds began to be heard from within the deep abyss. Those explosive sounds were so loud that they actually drowned out the roars of the beasts.

Not only that, but the sudden explosions also startled Chu Feng awake.

The killing intent that had engulfed him had disappeared, and his body had returned to normal. Chu Feng looked down the cliff, and his expression immediately changed.

“That is…”

It turned out that it was actually the fishing line used by the old man who'd been fishing. That fishing line had turned into an endless whip, and was lashing at those giant creatures.

Although those giant beasts all possessed overwhelming destructive capabilities capable of bringing ruin to an entire region, they were powerless to resist the fishing line.

That fishing line was simply too powerful. As it lashed the bodies of those enormous beasts, their blood would swirl in the air as their flesh was shredded. Even those giant beasts whose bodies were covered in seemingly invulnerable steel armor had their armor instantly shattered after being whipped, leaving behind extremely large bloody wounds.

All of the giant beasts that were whipped by the fishing line immediately turned around and began to flee toward the depths of the abyss.

Even the giant beasts that weren’t whipped were extremely frightened. They immediately turned around and escaped too.

In the blink of an eye, not a single giant beast could be seen in that abyss, which was previously filled with them. The only thing that was visible was the fishing line, which had returned to normal, and extended into the bottomless abyss.

No one knew how long that fishing line was. However, Chu Feng knew that there were countless giant beasts possessing enormous power hidden within the bottomless abyss. Yet they… were all kept in their place by a seemingly simple fishing line. That fishing line was what kept those giant beasts within that bottomless abyss.

Suddenly, Chu Feng turned around to look at the old man.

Once Chu Feng did that, he immediately tensed up.

The old man was as thin as a matchstick, and extremely ugly. His appearance simply did not resemble a human.

If kids were to see the old man, they would definitely start crying in fear as if they’d seen a ghost.

However, Chu Feng knew that the old man possessed remarkable abilities. Otherwise… how could he be seal away so many terrifying giant beasts using only his fishing line?

“Thank you, senior,” Chu Feng turned to the old man and clasped his fist.

Regardless of whether or not the old man had saved him intentionally or accidentally, it remained that he had been saved.

After Chu Feng said those words, the old man actually opened his mouth to speak too. However, he ended up saying the same things he did before, and waved his sleeve in the same manner.

However, Chu Feng’s surroundings did not change this time either. The strong breeze containing martial comprehension also did not reappear.

While Chu Feng might have been skeptical before, he was now certain that this old man was indeed only an image.

But those giant beasts did not seem to be images. Instead, they seemed to be actual living beings.

“To be able to seal all those monsters using only an image?”

Chu Feng gasped in admiration. Then, he surveyed his surroundings to see if he could find anything else.

Upon doing so, Chu Feng discovered that he was trapped on the cliff. Apart from the cliff, he was unable to go anywhere, as his surroundings were completely covered by grand formations.

No, there was an exception. It was that abyss. If he had wanted to, Chu Feng should be able to enter that abyss.

Although that might be the case, Chu Feng did not wish to become a lamb that had entered the tigers’ den. He knew that he would undoubtedly be killed should he enter the abyss.

“Senior, I do not know if you’re the Peach Garden Valley Immortal or not. However, I am very grateful that you’ve helped this junior. Thank you,” Chu Feng said to the old man again. Then, with a thought, Chu Feng left.

Although Chu Feng could not enter that place at will, he was able to leave at will.

Chu Feng’s gaze started to change. His surroundings were once again filled with mysterious characters and symbols from the Ancient Era. Wuma Shengjie, Tantia Xing’er and Gong Qing were also beside him.

Chu Feng had returned.

After returning, Chu Feng immediately arranged all the new information in his mind.

Upon doing so, he discovered that all that he had comprehended from that strong breeze was still present in his head. This caused him to reveal a smile.

It would appear that what had happened earlier was not an illusion. Instead, it had truly happened.

What Chu Feng didn’t know was that everything on the cliff was still there even after he had left. That cliff seemed like a different world. Whether or not Chu Feng was there made no difference to it.

Suddenly, the old man sitting at the edge of the cliff with a fishing rod in hand, the same old man who had sealed those giant beasts, turned his head. Although he looked very ugly, his eyes were bright and full of expression.

The direction in which his bright and deep eyes were looking was the same direction that Chu Feng had left in.

He looked in that direction for a very long time before finally turning back around to continue angling.

He was still motionless. However… he no longer repeated what he had said to Chu Feng, and no longer waved his arm.

He sat there with his fishing rod in hand as if he had been petrified.

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