Chapter 3454 - The Old Man Beside The Cliff

Chapter 3454 - The Old Man Beside The Cliff

Peach trees covered Chu Feng’s surroundings. Peach blossoms were swirling in the air. It was truly a beautiful scene.

However, although that place was very beautiful, it was somewhat strange, because even the sky was pink.

The clouds were also pink. In fact, even the earth and soil were pink.

Although the shades of pink were all different, it remained that pink was all that Chu Feng could see in his surroundings. It was indeed quite strange.

However, he did not pay much attention to the pinkness of his surroundings. Instead, his gaze soon focused toward the southeast.

Although his surroundings were covered in peach trees, there was an exception to the southwest. There was a cliff there.

It turned out that the peach garden was located on top of a cliff.

At that moment, a person could be seen sitting at the edge of the cliff.

Seeing that person’s back, Chu Feng felt that it should be an old man. Not only was that old man’s back arched, but there was also a prominent hunch in his back.

Although the surrounding scenery was very abnormal, the old man’s attire was very ordinary.

He was wearing a gray gown. The gown appeared to be very shabby. On his head was a conical bamboo hat. That bamboo hat was also somewhat shabby-looking. His attire resembled an aged old farmer.

However, when Chu Feng saw that old man, he felt a lot of reverence in his heart.

Chu Feng also felt a very strong aura from the old man. It was… an aura from the Ancient Era.

The old man was holding a fishing rod in his hand.

Sitting at the edge of the cliff, he held the fishing rod with his fishing line extended. Likely, he was fishing.

This evoked Chu Feng’s curiosity. He was very curious as to what the old man was fishing for at the edge of a cliff.

However, being here, Chu Feng found it unsuitable to use his Heaven’s Eyes. He also found it unsuitable for him to use any other method to observe what might be below the cliff. After all, it would be a sign of disrespect towards the old man.

Thus, Chu Feng clasped his hand, bent his body and greeted, “Senior, this junior Chu Feng has come to pay you a visit.”

The old man did not respond to Chu Feng. Instead, as if minding his own business, he suddenly said, “I had set up this Peach Garden and left behind a total of ten inheritance levels.”

“Purple-marked Spirit Stones will allow one to enter my spirit formation. With a hundred thousand spirit stones, one will be able to gain comprehension the easiest. However, one will only be able to gain the minimal amount of comprehension.”

“Likewise, those who enter the spirit formation with greater difficulty will be able to gain more comprehension.”

“To be able to reach this place today, it means that you must’ve entered this spirit formation using ten thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones. To be able to reach this place, you must possess exceptional talent.”

“A person of the later generation like yourself is worthy of obtaining my inheritance.”

“However, it will be up to you as to how much you will be able to comprehend.”


Suddenly, the old man waved his sleeve.

All of a sudden, the surrounding weather and scenery changed enormously.

Chu Feng’s surroundings were clearly covered in peach trees a moment before. Yet, everything had now suddenly changed.

Chu Feng was still on the cliff. Yet, all of the peach trees had disappeared. Apart from the cliff, Chu Feng’s surroundings seemed to be made of nothingness.

Suddenly, a strong breeze appeared ahead. The breeze rapidly engulfed Chu Feng.

“This is?”

At the instant when the breeze blew past him, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously.

He had realized that there was actually martial comprehension hidden within the strong breeze.

Unfortunately, the breeze came and left in an instant. After engulfing Chu Feng, it had left him in a split second.

After the strong breeze left, Chu Feng’s surroundings started to transform again.

His surroundings returned to normal. Not only had the peach trees reappeared, but the old man was still on the edge of the cliff, fishing for something.

Chu Feng’s heart was beating rapidly. Shock filled his face. He was extremely excited. Even his chest was violently puffing. His state of excitement lasted for a very long time.

Although the strong breeze had swept past Chu Feng in an instant, Chu Feng felt a sense of sudden enlightenment, and gained a great amount of martial comprehension when it swept through him.

The path of martial cultivation was a path filled with countless difficulties. One must solve the various difficulties in order to continue onward. With every step taken, more difficulties would have to be solved. Otherwise, one would forever be stuck where one was.

What Chu Feng had managed to comprehend at that instant was sufficient to help him proceed onward for a certain distance. Many of the difficulties that he was unable to understand, unable to solve, were all clear to him now.

He had managed to understand a lot of things in an instant. This was most definitely a sudden enlightenment.

Chu Feng’s cultivation had yet to completely recover. As such, he could not attempt to make a breakthrough just yet.

However, he felt that if he was able to make an attempt at a breakthrough, it would definitely not be an issue for him to reach peak Martial Immortal. In fact, even reaching the Exalted realm might be possible.

The harvest Chu Feng had gained was simply beyond his imagination.

“Thank you senior.”

Chu Feng felt extremely grateful. Without hesitation, he bowed to the old man to express his thanks.

However, the old man still didn’t bother to pay any attention to him. Instead, he continued to mind his own business, and said, “I had set up this Peach Garden and left behind a total of ten levels of inheritance.”

“Purple-marked Spirit Stones will allow…”

The old man repeated what he had said before. After he finished saying those words, he waved his arm again.

However, this time around, the surroundings did not change. Chu Feng also did not feel anything different.

At that moment, Chu Feng came to a realization. That old man was most likely an image left behind using a spirit formation, and not an actual living person.

He would only repeat the same words and do the same thing that he was set up to do.

That was reasonable too. After all, the old man should’ve lived in the Ancient Era. The Ancient Era was a long time ago. No matter how heaven-defying of a cultivation one might possess, one wouldn’t possibly be able to remain alive till Chu Feng's time

Thinking of that, Chu Feng began to walk over to the cliff.

Chu Feng wanted to see exactly what at the bottom of that cliff.

When Chu Feng arrived at the edge of the cliff and looked down, his eyes were immediately filled with shock.

Beneath the cliff was a bottomless abyss.

Although that abyss was bottomless, huge monsters could be seen under the cliff.

The smallest of the colossal monsters had a body over a thousand meters long, whereas the largest had a body several tens of thousands of meters long.

Each and every one of those huge monsters was emitting very powerful auras.

Chu Feng did not manage to feel it while standing and looking at them from afar. However, when he stood at the edge of the cliff, Chu Feng was able to clearly sense their auras.

Each and every one of those huge monsters was capable of utter destruction.

Not to mention Chu Feng, likely no one in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield would be a match for any of those huge monsters.

Any random one of those huge monsters was capable of destroying the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

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