Chapter 3453 - Pulse Searching Method

Chapter 3453 - Pulse Searching Method

“Even if that's the case, the young miss has still spent forty thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones. Adding the spirit stones required to summon the Peach Garden Mystic Realm, it adds up to fifty thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones,” said that young world spiritist.

“If fifty thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones is enough to secure another's goodwill, it would naturally be worth it,” said the old man.

“But, are those people really worthy enough for young miss to try to bribe them?” The young world spiritist was still unable to understand.

“If the young miss feels that they’re worthy, then they’re worthy. Don’t tell me you think that you’re more shrewd than the young miss,” said the old man.

“No, this junior is untalented. I wouldn’t dare to compare myself to the young miss,” the young world spiritist replied humbly.

The reason why that young world spiritist was able to be there and take on such heavy responsibilities, with those grand characters explaining things he didn’t know to him, was because he had an extraordinary background.

His grandfather was someone with high status within the Tantai Heavenly Clan. Thus, he had learned of things that others did not know from his grandfather.

He knew that while others might see Tantai Xing’er as a very amiable and understanding person, she was actually a very intelligent and scheming woman that would only think of the benefits of their Tantai Heavenly Clan when doing things. She was very skillful, and would frequently toy with people in the palm of her hand without them knowing it.

Thus, Tantai Xing’er was most definitely not as harmless as she appeared to be.

However, that young world spiritist not only did not feel any antipathy toward such a Tantai Xing’er, he was instead very fond of her. After all, Tantai Xing’er would always place their Tantai Heavenly Clan’s interests first.

He felt that that was what the young miss of the Tantai Heavenly Clan should do.


Tantai Xing’er naturally had her own considerations.

She had personally witnessed Chu Feng’s capabilities. Thus, she knew very well that the clamorous rumor of the Saint-cloak World Spiritist that had rejected both Grandmaster Liangqiu and Grandmaster Long Xuan was actually Chu Feng. Disregarding everything else, merely the fact that Chu Feng was a genius of such a caliber was enough for her to try to make friends with him.

That was the reason why she had deliberately held the gathering of the younger generations for him.

Besides, Tantai Xing’er was able to tell that, apart from Grandmaster Liangqiu and Grandmaster Long Xuan, Wuming Xingyun also thought very highly of Chu Feng.

Although Wuming Xingyun might not be as strong as Grandmaster Liangqiu, standing behind him was the Starfield Master Realm. His status had caused many people to want to befriend him.

Furthermore, Wuming Xingyun was currently in their Tantai Heavenly Clan.

If Wuming Xingyun were to learn of what she had done for Chu Feng, he would naturally have a more favorable impression of her.

Most importantly, there was actually no benefit to Chu Feng at all. Yet, she was able to obtain all the favorable impression. This was simply a business transaction with only profit. A mere fifty thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones was worth it. It was simply more than worth it.


Chu Feng and the others naturally did not know what Tantai Xing’er was thinking. They were still focused on carefully and earnestly observing their surroundings, thinking up every possible method to sense and comprehend the power hidden before them.

In the beginning, Chu Feng was unable to sense anything.

However, he was able to sense that there was indeed powerful martial comprehension hidden within the ancient characters and symbols. If he were able to find and comprehend the contents of those characters and symbols, he would be able to gain a breakthrough in his cultivation.

Thus, Chu Feng carefully inspected his surroundings, and even strengthened the power of his Heaven’s Eyes.

Under those conditions, he discovered a speck of pink light. However, no matter how he looked at that light, it was still only that small. Furthermore, he was unable to sense anything from it.

Suddenly, Chu Feng recalled what Her Lady Queen had told him before.

Three aspects were needed to gain mastery over the Pulse Searching Method.

One must train one’s eyes, train one’s mind, and train one’s heart.

Training one’s eyes meant the training of the Heaven’s Eyes. Chu Feng had been training his Heaven’s Eyes for many years. Thus, he had already reached a considerable level of accomplishment.

Although Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were still an enormous distance away from being able to create utter destruction and distinguish the righteous from the wicked with a single glance, they were capable of detecting mystic realms, treasures, traps and the like.

As for the training of the mind, it sounded very easy, yet was very difficult to accomplish because it required one to obtain a lot of knowledge.

Both the path of martial cultivation and the path of world spirit techniques were very deep and profound. Chu Feng did not dare say that he had grasped an enormous amount of knowledge. However, the amount of knowledge that he had currently grasped was simply incomparable to when he was still in the Nine Provinces Continent.

As for the so-called training of the heart, it was the training of one’s wisdom. It meant that one must be able to rely on one’s heart to make the correct decision at crucial times.

The combination of these three things formed the Pulse Searching Method.

Since it was impossible to survey his surroundings using only his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng had no choice but to utilize his eyes, mind and heart, all three aspects of the Pulse Searching Method, together.

The combination of the three would allow one to reach the highest level of the Pulse Searching Method. Thus, it was very difficult to accomplish. When Chu Feng had encountered troubles in the past, he had attempted to combine the three aspects of the Pulse Searching Method. Unfortunately, it ultimately ended up having no effect.

He didn’t know if his skills were lacking, or if he had failed. That said, he was determined to give it another try.

‘It’s promising!’

Once Chu Feng started giving it a try, the purple light actually started to increase in size. Although the speed of its expansion was very slow, it was indeed growing larger.

In such a situation, Chu Feng did not dare to act carelessly. He began to focus all of his concentration and energy into his eyes, mind and heart.

Under such immense concentration, Chu Feng stopped blinking, and looked like he was petrified. He stood there with his eyes wide open and staring right before him.

‘Finally serious?’ Seeing Chu Feng’s appearance, Tantai Xing’er smiled.

She knew that Chu Feng had finally begun to use his special method to earnestly observe and sense the power hidden before him.

However, although Tantai Xing’er revealed a joyous smile on her face, her heart was actually filled with mockery toward Chu Feng.

After all, she knew very well that they would not be able to sense anything at all, since they’d entered using only ten thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones each.

No matter how much effort one put forth, no matter what sort of ability one might use, it would still be completely useless.

However, there was one thing that Tantai Xing’er didn’t know.

Under Chu Feng’s combined three-in-one Pulse Searching Method and concentrated focus, the speed at which that pink light expanded began to accelerate. Not only was it becoming larger and larger, but it also began to approach Chu Feng.

With such a thing happening, Chu Feng’s heartbeat began to accelerate.

He knew that what awaited him was most definitely not only a ray of light. Instead, it was the mysteries contained within this place.

However, Chu Feng needed to stabilize his frame of mind so as to avoid losing focus, otherwise he might end up ruined everything.

Finally, the light managed to reach Chu Feng, and passed through him.


The moment the light passed through him, Chu Feng felt his surroundings become covered by pink light.

When the pink light dissipated, Chu Feng was overjoyed.

Sure enough, it was not an ordinary light. Instead, it was a gate.

Chu Feng was already on the other side of the gate.

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