Chapter 3451 - Who Doesn’t Match Whom? (Teaser)

Chapter 3451 - Who Doesn’t Match Whom?

“Is that important person really Chu Feng?”

“Could it be someone else? Could it be that Xu Morong and Gong Mingyue just so happened to offend that person before coming here?”

Even though the crowd had begun to suspect that Chu Feng might be Tantai Xing’er’s important guest, they were still skeptical, because they felt that it was truly too unreasonable for Chu Feng to be that important guest.

That was also the reason why the crowd was so astonished after suspecting that Chu Feng might be the important guest.

At the moment when the crowd was making all sorts of guesses, Chu Feng opened his mouth, “Miss Tantai, let’s forget it.”

After Chu Feng spoke, not only did Tantai Xing’er retrieve her sharp and cold gaze from Gong Mingyue, but she even smiled sweetly at Chu Feng, “Since young master Chu Feng wants to forget it, we shall let the matter pass.”


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