Chapter 3450 - The Furious Xing’er

Chapter 3450 - The Furious Xing’er

“Young master Xu, you’re still alive?” Chu Feng asked.

The reason why Chu Feng asked this question was because Xu Morong was the reason why the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s elder ended up being severely punished.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that that elder would definitely not spare Xu Morong. Chu Feng was actually mocking him.

However, Xu Morong evidently did not manage to comprehend the hidden implications of Chu Feng’s words. He looked at Chu Feng and spoke with a ridiculing tone, “When even you’re alive, I will naturally be alive.”

Chu Feng chuckled upon hearing those words. He was laughing at how pitiful Xu Morong was. Even though he was facing an imminent catastrophe, he had absolutely no idea.

“Young master Xu said that I, Chu Feng, am shameless to the highest level, may I know why you think such a thing?” Chu Feng asked.

“I will only ask you this. Since you’re not here to pester little sister Mingyue, why didn’t you state that you didn’t come for her from the very start?” asked Xu Morong.

“Young master Xu, we can be considered to be acquaintances. And today… both you and I have appeared here. Why didn’t you tell me the moment you saw me that you didn’t come here for me?” Chu Feng asked instead of answering.

“Bullshit! I never came here for you to begin with, why do I need to make such a declaration?” Xu Morong questioned.

“In that case, I have also not come here for miss Mingyue, why do I need to make such a declaration to her?” Chu Feng asked.

“Very well, you’re quite talented with sophistry. In that case, why don’t you tell me why you came here?” asked Xu Morong.

“I came here because I received miss Tantai Xing’er’s invitation,” Chu Feng knew that words did not serve to prove anything. Thus, he took out Tantai Xing’er’s invitation letter as he spoke.

Xu Morong directly snatched the invitation letter from Chu Feng. After looking at it carefully, a mocking smile appeared on his face.

“This forgery is quite good, it’s no wonder you were able to sneak your way in here. However, while you’re able to deceive others, you cannot deceive me. This invitation letter of yours is a phoney!” Gong Morong spoke loudly.

“It’s actually a fake invitation?”

“Sure enough, what Xu Morong said is true, this Chu Xuanyuan’s son is a despicable and vile man.”

“If I didn’t witness it myself, I truly would’ve never dared to imagine that Chu Xuanyuan, such an upright individual, could actually give birth to a despicable son like that Chu Feng.”

“His illustrious name has been completely ruined by this child.”

“Suddenly, I feel extreme sympathy for the young miss of the Gong Clan. To be engaged to such a shameless man, she will likely never be able to shake off that reputation in her entire life.”

All of a sudden, practically everyone felt that Chu Feng’s invitation letter was a phoney. Because of that, they also started to feel what Xu Morong said to be correct.

They believed that Chu Feng was a shameless person, and had snuck his way into the gathering all so that he could pester Gong Mingyue.

Furthermore, he said he didn’t like Gong Mingyue after he was rejected by her. This caused the crowd to feel with even greater certainty that Chu Feng was completely shameless, shameless to the extreme.

Hearing the crowd’s discussions and even curses, Chu Feng did not show the slightest trace of anger. The reason for that was because he had grown accustomed to this sort of scene, and had seen countless people like those before him -- ignorant fools that would voice malicious words at others without knowing the truth. That was the inherent quality of the majority of people.

Thus, Chu Feng only smiled and shook his head. Furthermore, that smile of his appeared to be very mocking.

“Smile? He’s actually smiling? Oh how shameless is he?!”

Chu Feng’s smile infuriated the crowd.

Because of that, they began to lash out at Chu Feng even more. They were acting as if they were warriors of justice on a crusade to eliminate the scourge that was Chu Feng.

Seeing such an intense reaction from the crowd, Xu Morong had a very pleased look in his eyes. This was… precisely the result that he wanted to see.

“Everyone, please get to know the truth first. Chu Feng isn't a bad person.”

Suddenly, a voice supporting Chu Feng sounded at that moment. It was Gong Qing.

Faced with the crowd’s attacks toward Chu Feng, she was no longer able to remain silent anymore, and stood out for Chu Feng.

“Lil Qing, don't be deceived by this shameless sham.”

“Did you not see when he insulted your big sister earlier?”

However, right after Gong Qing stood up for Chu Feng, she was immediately pulled back by the Gong Heavenly Clansmen.

Gong Mingyue also glared at Gong Qing angrily.

In those circumstances, Gong Qing didn’t know what to do. Besides, her previous rebuttal was completely ineffective.

Everyone seemed to be possessed. It seemed like… they were determined to take care of Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, are you going to scram by yourself or do you want me, Xu Morong, to do it for you?” asked Xu Morong.

“Have him scram? I’m afraid that wouldn’t do.”

“Someone as shameless as him must be taught a proper lesson!”

“That’s right. He must be taught a lesson so that he can learn. Otherwise, if we are to disregard him like that, we will instead encourage him to continue to do evil!”

The crowd’s snarls resonated nonstop. Sure enough, they were not planning to allow Chu Feng to leave like that.

“Chu Feng, you cannot blame me for this. After all, this is the will of the people.”

“Thus, today… I cannot allow you to leave safely,” Xu Morong said.


Suddenly, a loud sound was heard.

Following that, the crowd all turned their eyes upward.

The reason for that was because a change had occurred to the Peach Garden Mystic Realm floating above them.

Soon, a spirit formation gate opened from the Peach Garden Mystic Realm. Then, a beautiful figure walked out from it.

Everyone felt deep veneration upon seeing that person. The reason for that was because that person was the one who had called the gathering of the younger generations, Tantai Xing’er.

Merely, when the crowd saw Tantai Xing’er’s current expression, they were unable to keep themselves from feeling nervous, so much so that they became speechless.

At that moment, Tantai Xing’er had a very gloomy look on her face.

Although Tantai Xing’er was famous for being good-natured, no one dared to provoke her now.

They all knew how terrifying an angered Tantai Xing’er was.

“Miss Tantai Xing’er has come. With this, there’s no need for me to uphold justice anymore,” after seeing Tantai Xing’er, Xu Morong immediately changed his tone. With a beaming smile, he flew toward Tantai Xing’er. As he flew, he even said, “Miss Xing’er, that man over there is extremely despicable. Please…”


Suddenly, Tantai Xing’er waved her sleeve. Boundless martial power turned into an enormous palm. The palm filled the sky as it swept past, ruthlessly striking Xu Morong.


A scream resonated through the peach garden. Xu Morong was knocked flying, and did not stop until he was smashed into the mountain rocks.

When he landed, Xu Morong was completely mutilated, and his aura was extremely weak.


The crowd were all dumbstruck by what had suddenly happened, and confused expressions filled their faces.

At the time when the crowd were confused, Tantai Xing’er opened her mouth and coldly asked, “Who else dares to act disrespectful toward the important guest I’ve invited?”

Hearing Tantai Xing’er’s question, the crowd were all confused as to who the important guest mentioned by Tantai Xing’er was.

They were confused until Tantai Xing’er turned her ice-cold gaze to Gong Mingyue, “I seem to recall that you were disrespectful too.”

Once Tantai Xing’er said those words, the crowd’s hearts all tensed up. Subconsciously, they turned to Chu Feng.

“Heavens! Could it be that he really was invited? That invitation letter is not a fake?”

“Could it be that the important guest invited by Miss Tantai Xing’er is him?!”


The crowd all felt their heads explode upon thinking of that!!!

Especially Gong Mingyue. At that moment, she was standing there completely stunned.

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