Chapter 345 - Cultivation Exposed (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 345 - Cultivation Exposed

The blood-red-coloured gas was extremely violent. Tens of thousands of thorns were contained within it, and if one were to be stuck by the red-coloured gas, they would certainly have thousands of wounds and die with mutilations.

*whoosh* As he faced such a horrifying attack, even Murong Yu’s expression slightly changed and fear appeared within his eyes. He leaped back to dodge it and escaped the previous circle of battle. Simultaneously, he lifted the oppressing pressure from the four geniuses.

“Murong Yu has actually been forced back! Such a tyrannical Murong Yu has been forced back by Jie Qingming!”

“Impressive. It’s said that Jie Qingming is the number one person in the young generation of the continent of the Nine Provinces. Looking at it today, it is indeed so.”

After Jie Qingming attacked, it caused...

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