Chapter 3449 - Highest Level (Teaser)

Chapter 3449 - Highest Level

“Wasn’t it said that only people that possess Miss Tantai Xing’er’s invitation letter are allowed in here?”

“Trash like him shouldn’t be qualified to come in here, no?” someone asked.

“While it’s true that that fellow is trash in terms of martial cultivation, he knows a lot of despicable methods. Since he was able to escape from the Fire Prison, he would naturally also be able to sneak his way into this place,” Xu Morong said.

“Brother Xu, do you plan to have the people from the Tantai Heavenly Clan deal with him, or do you plan to dispose of that trash yourself?” One of Xu Morong’s friends that stood beside him asked.

“Regarding this, I would have to give face to my future woman,” Xu Morong smiled strangely. Then, he loudly asked Gong Mingyue, who stood far away, “Little...

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