Chapter 3447 - Important Guest

Chapter 3447 - Important Guest

“Enough of your bullshit! Xu Morong, I’m warning you! If you dare to bother my big sister again, I will teach you a lesson!” Gong Qing pointed at Xu Morong and shouted angrily.

“Damned brat, watch your tone when speaking to our young master!” At that moment, the Xu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations that stood behind Xu Morong were unable to contain themselves. Their appearances were so vicious that it seemed like they were planning to attack Gong Qing.

“Hey! Watch your tone when speaking with my two little sisters!” Xu Morong suddenly shouted angrily at his men, “Why aren’t you apologizing?!”

After Xu Morong spoke, the Xu Heavenly Clansman that had shouted at Gong Qing earlier actually really ended up apologizing.

It could be seen that Xu Morong truly enjoyed a high status within the Xu Heavenly Clan.

However, Gong Qing did not appreciate Xu Morong’s action at all, and began to walk away.

This time, Xu Morong did not give chase. Instead, he looked to Gong Mingyue and Gong Qing’s rear with interest. A vulgar smile was present on his face.

“Brother Xu, those two girls are quite decent. Unfortunately… it seems like they’re giving you the cold shoulder,” someone arrived beside Xu Morong and said quietly. There was a trace of mockery in his tone.

“There are no women that I, Xu Morong, cannot obtain. One day, I'll make those two sisters serve me together,” said Xu Morong.

“I know of brother Xu’s capabilities. You will definitely be able to succeed.”

“Oh, that’s right. Brother Xu, the matters regarding Chu Xuanyuan’s son that you mentioned earlier, is that true?” That man continued to ask.

“How could I lie about that? When have I, Xu Morong, ever lied to you all?” Xu Morong said.


Right at that moment, a ray of light appeared at the top of the peach garden. The area being illuminated by the light grew wider and wider.

Soon, a spherical object appeared in the light.

That spherical object seemed like some sort of plant. However, it was enormous in size, and looked like a small palace floating in midair.

“It appeared! It’s the Peach Garden Mystic Realm.”

Once that object appeared, practically everyone turned their eyes up toward it. Anticipation filled their eyes.

“Big sister, is that the legendary Peach Garden Mystic Realm?” Gong Qing asked Gong Mingyue.

“That’s right. That’s the Peach Garden Mystic Realm that contains martial cultivation mysteries,” Gong Mingyue said.

“Never would I have expected the Tantai Heavenly Clan to actually summon the Peach Garden Mystic Realm. Could it be… that Miss Tantai Xing’er is planning to allow us to enter it to observe?” Gong Qing asked.

“Foolish girl, summoning the Peach Garden Mystic Realm will require over ten thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones. Furthermore, teleporting a single person into the Peach Garden Mystic Realm will cost a hundred thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones. Do you think that, with such an expensive price, the Tantai Heavenly Clan will be willing to let us enter it?” Gong Mingyue asked.

“The price is actually that expensive?” Gong Qing made an expression of shock.

Purple-marked Spirit Stones were a sort of spirit stone that originated from the Ancient Era. Purple-marked Spirit Stones were very precious. Each one of them could be said to be invaluable. It was even more so for ten thousand or a hundred thousand such stones.

Thus, after hearing what Gong Mingyue said, Gong Qing was certain that they would have no chance to enter the Peach Garden Mystic Realm.

“Big sister, since they’re not planning to let us enter it, why did the Tantai Heavenly Clan summon the Peach Garden Mystic Realm? Could it be merely to show off their strength? But… is it really worth spending ten thousand Purple-marked Spirit Stones, such an extravagant amount of wealth, to show off their strength?” Gong Qing asked.

“Foolish girl, how could the Tantai Heavenly Clan need to show off their strength?” Gong Mingyue said.

“That’s true,” Gong Qing smiled foolishly, “Then what is going on?”

“I’ve heard that Miss Tantai Xing’er has held this gathering of the younger generation for a certain individual. Likely, that Peach Garden Mystic Realm is also prepared for that person,” Gong Mingyue said.

“Who? Who could possibly have such face? Could it be… Linghu Hongfei?” Gong Qing asked.

“No idea. However, to be able to be valued in such a manner by Miss Tantai Xing’er, even if that person isn’t Linghu Hongfei, that person would still be someone extraordinary,” said Gong Mingyue.

It was not only Gong Mingyue who gasped in admiration, as many others in the peach garden had also heard the rumors that Tantai Xing’er had held this gathering for an important guest.

As such, the crowd were all making guesses as to who that important guest might be.

Even the insufferably arrogant Xu Morong spoke to his gang of scoundrels with a serious expression, “Brothers, let me tell you all this. I’ve received news that the important guest invited by Miss Tantai Xing’er today is not Linghu Hongfei. However, that person is also a dragon among men. It's not that I am looking down on you all, however, once that person arrives, you all will be destined to be overshadowed.”

“In that case, what about you, young master Xu?” Someone asked curiously.

Xu Morong chuckled. Then, he said, “Very rarely do I, Xu Morong, submit to others. However, I’ve submitted to Miss Tantai Xing’er. As it’s a guest that even Miss Tantai Xing’er thinks so highly of, then, no matter how confident I, Xu Morong, might be, I will still know my place. Naturally… I'm also unable to compare to that important guest.”

After Xu Morong said those words, his gang of scoundrels began to look forward to that legendary guest even more.

After all, very few people were able to obtain such an acknowledgement from Xu Morong.

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