Chapter 3446 - The Engagement Made Public

Chapter 3446 - The Engagement Made Public

“Who is this young lady? She’s so charming.”

“How could you not know her? She could be considered to be influential amongst the Nine Dragons Upper Realm’s younger generations. She is the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s granddaughter, their young miss Gong Mingyue.”

“So she’s Gong Mingyue. I’ve heard of her before. In that case, does she really have an engagement with Chu Xuanyuan’s son? Is that a rumor? After all, I’ve heard that Chu Xuanyuan’s son died long ago, no? Could it be that he’s still alive?”

At that moment, spirited discussions sprouted from the crowd. After all, very few people knew about Chu Feng appearing in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm.

“Little sister Mingyue, if that Chu Feng really does possess the talent of his father, even if he manages to possess half of his father’s talent, I, Xu Morong, will not say anything about it.”

“However, I’ve heard that Chu Feng is trash with only the cultivation of a rank one True Immortal. Are you really planning to marry trash like that?” Xu Morong continued.

“Ah? Chu Xuanyuan’s son is actually really alive? Yet, he’s only a rank one True Immortal?”

“That sort of cultivation is indeed quite weak. Back then, Chu Xuanyuan was all-powerful, and shook the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield. Yet, his son is actually such trash?”

“If that Chu Feng is really only a rank one True Immortal, he would really not be a match for this Gong Heavenly Clan’s young miss.”

After hearing what Xu Morong said, the crowd began to discuss it even louder.

In such a situation, Gong Mingyue’s expression turned increasingly ugly. She shouted at Xu Morong, “Xu Morong, shut up!”

Gong Mingyue was no fool. She knew very well why Xu Morong was publicly stating all this. He was deliberately trying to embarrass her.

“Little sister Mingyue, what’s wrong? You don’t want others to talk about it? I’m only saying this for your sake,” Xu Morong revealed a helpless expression.

As for Gong Mingyue, her face had turned deathly white from anger. However, she didn’t know how to refute him.

The confrontation between Xu Morong and Gong Mingyue caused the crowd to believe that there really was such an engagement.

“Truth be told, that fiance of yours is not only trash with absolutely no talent in martial cultivation, but his moral character is also extremely lacking.”

“He even took out a fake title plate on the way to the Ice Summit, and repeated over and over again that he needed to see Lord Wuming Xingyun. In the end, what ended up happening? He got himself imprisoned in the Fire Prison,” Xu Morong continued.

“He’s actually a swindler too?”

“That Chu Xuanyuan’s son is truly too disgraceful. He’s simply a disgrace to Chu Xuanyuan. Someone like him would be better off dead.”

Upon hearing those words, the crowd changed from skepticism toward Chu Feng to public reprimand.

Although the great majority of them were no righteous individuals either, they were very good at disguising themselves. Whilst they might’ve done a lot of evil themselves, it didn’t stop them from reprimanding others for being despicable.

At that moment, the gaze with which the crowd looked to Gong Mingyue had changed. They seemed to be saying with their eyes, ‘This girl looks pretty fine, is she really going to marry some trash like that Chu Feng?’

Gong Mingyue was not fond of being looked at with such gazes by the crowd. Thus, she said to Xu Morong, “It doesn’t matter to me what sort of person that Chu Feng might be. Don’t bother telling me all this. Even if you are to kill him, it would still have absolutely nothing to do with me.”

“What’s this? Little sister Mingyue, could it be that you’re not engaged to that Chu Feng? Did I receive false information?” Xu Morong asked.

“Your information is correct. However, the engagement was decided by my grandfather and the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. I wasn’t even born then. Besides, I didn’t agree to this arranged marriage to begin with. I will properly state this to that Chu Feng in the future,” Gong Mingyue said.

After hearing what Gong Mingyue said, the crowd burst into an uproar.

“‘Properly state this,’ doesn’t it mean that she’s planning to cancel the marriage?”

“No matter what, that’s Chu Xuanyuan’s son. He’s actually going to suffer such humiliation?”

The crowd discussed spiritedly.

“Little sister Mingyue, if that’s what you’re planning to do, it would naturally be the best,” Xu Morong said.

“The best? I seem to recall this matter to have nothing to do with you.” Gong Mingyue spoke coldly.

“Nothing to do with me? How could it have nothing to do with me? That Chu Feng is a despicable person. Someone like that should be properly taught a lesson. I’ve heard that he has escaped from the Fire Prison. I was planning to go and seek him out. However… before I had the chance to do so, I heard about your engagement with him. That’s why I decided to come here to ask you about it. After all… I have known little sister Mingyue for many years. If you’re really planning to marry that Chu Feng, I would naturally also have to give you face, and not beat him up,” Xu Morong said.

“There’s no need. If possible, it’d be best that you beat him till he dies. However, even if you are to kill him, you don't have to inform me about it either, for I simply don't care if he lives or dies,” Gong Mingyue said.

“Xu Morong, you’re bullying my big sister again?!” Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard.

Following that, a figure rapidly flew in from the entrance of the peach garden and landed before Gong Mingyue.

It was Gong Qing.

Xu Morong evidently knew Gong Qing. Otherwise, his eyes would not have shone like a wolf seeing a little rabbit. “My dear little sister Gong Qing, you also came?”

Xu Morong began to size up Gong Qing the way he did Gong Mingyue. “It has only been several months. Yet, little sister Gong Qing, you’ve gotten even more beautiful again.”

Gong Mingyue immediately pulled Gong Qing behind her. She stared at Xu Morong with a sharp gaze, “Xu Morong, I’m warning you. Don’t think of doing anything to my little sister. Otherwise… don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

“What’s this? Could it be that even little sister Gong Qing is engaged?” Xu Morong asked with a grotesque smile.

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