Chapter 3437 - Gong Mingyue’s Challenge

Chapter 3437 - Gong Mingyue’s Challenge

Chu Feng naturally could not tell all those outsiders that his father had already left the Chu Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area. Thus, he had no choice but to lie, “My father’s situation is the same as it has always been.”

Hearing Chu Feng’s response, the crowd all came to an understanding. Back then, Chu Xuanyuan had offended the Starfield Master Realm, and ended up being imprisoned by the Chu Heavenly Clan. It was said that he would be imprisoned till death.

If his situation remained the same, it would mean that Chu Xuanyuan was still imprisoned in the forbidden area.

At that moment, the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief sighed. “Xuanyuan’s future prospects were originally inestimable. Unfortunately, he was too impulsive back then.”

“However, that sort of brave and unyielding nature is what defined Xuanyuan.”

“Perhaps this is fate.”

From the way the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief sighed, the crowd were all able to feel that he truly thought very highly of Chu Xuanyuan.

One must know that there were a lot of people that thought very highly of Chu Xuanyuan. This was especially true for the people of the older generation. But, not many would openly praise him. After all, they all knew that he had ended up in his current situation because he had offended the overlord of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, the Starfield Master Realm.

To dare to praise someone that the Starfield Master Realm was not fond of in the Ancestral Martial Starfield was a courageous act.

“Young friend, did your clan chief really never mention the wedding engagement between you and Mingyue to you?” the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked all of a sudden.

It could be seen that the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief considered the matter to be of great importance.

Because of that, he was extremely concerned about what Chu Feng had said earlier.

“Grandfather, I do not agree to this arranged wedding.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. It was Gong Mingyue.

“Mingyue, do not cause a scene! A marriage is a major event of lifelong importance, it is no child’s play!” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief shouted angrily.

“It is precisely because it is a major event of lifelong importance that I wish to make my own decision,” Gong Mingyue replied with determination.

“There is to be no discussion of this matter,” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Grandfather, you…”

“Very well, even if you are to select my fiance for me, there should at least be a single requirement. That is, he must be stronger than me. As for that Chu Feng, does he even possess that capability?” Gong Mingyue said.

“Regarding this…” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief didn’t know how to answer that question, for even he could not see through Chu Feng’s cultivation. He did not know what Chu Feng’s cultivation level was.

That was actually normal. Although the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was also an Exalted-level expert, his world spirit techniques were not very strong. Thus, his sensing powers were not strong.

As such, the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief turned his eyes to Chu Feng. He wanted Chu Feng to personally answer the question.

“Chu Feng, do you dare to take up my challenge?”

At that moment, not only did the Gong Heavenly Clansmen all turn their gazes to Chu Feng, but there were even people that directly questioned Chu Feng provocatively. Naturally, they hoped that Chu Feng would take up Gong Mingyue’s challenge, because they felt that he would undoubtedly be defeated.

At that time, the absurd arranged marriage would naturally be rescinded. After all, no matter how thick-skinned Chu Feng might be, it would still be embarrassing for him to marry a woman stronger than himself.

At that moment, the bystanders also cast their gazes to Chu Feng. They also wanted to use the opportunity to gain an understanding as to how powerful Chu Xuanyuan’s son was.

Faced with the expectant gazes from the crowd, Chu Feng smiled faintly. “There’s no need to compete, I admit defeat.”


The crowd were all shocked upon hearing Chu Feng’s answer.

It was not only the Gong Heavenly Clansmen; even the bystanders were extremely surprised.

Weren’t men all people that cared about their face and reputation?

Gong Mingyue’s public rejection of the arranged marriage was simply akin to an insult to Chu Feng. Had it been a normal man, they would definitely try to prove themself and take up the challenge.

As such, truly no one had expected such a response from Chu Feng.

Most shockingly, Chu Feng’s admission of defeat was actually done in such a calm and easy-going manner. He was not at all ashamed. It was as if it was nothing more than a trifling matter.

This caused the crowd’s impression of Chu Feng to become complicated. More and more, they were unable to understand Chu Xuanyuan’s son.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you must not listen to Mingyue’s crazy and unfounded ravings.”

“She’s still young, and is not sensible. I will definitely teach her properly.”

“As for the marriage arrangement, it was decided by your clan’s clan chief and myself. Unless he is to tell me that he wants to cancel it… our Gong Heavenly Clan will definitely not revoke this arranged marriage,” The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Grandfather, you…”

“I’d rather die than be forced like this!”

Gong Mingyue’s eyes turned deep red with anger. With a shift of her body, she left.

“Lord Clan Chief, this…” The Gong Heavenly Clansmen all looked at their Lord Clan Chief, waiting for his decision.

The Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief sighed. “That child has truly been spoiled by me.”

“Young friend, I’ve ridiculed myself today. However, please don’t take things to heart. The marriage arrangement is still valid.”

After the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief finished saying those words to Chu Feng, he leaped forth and left. Evidently, he went to chase after Gong Mingyue.

The others from the Gong Heavenly Clan glared fiercely at Chu Feng before also soaring into the sky to follow their Lord Clan Chief and Gong Mingyue.

“Senior, let us leave too,” Chu Feng said to Chu Chengkong.

“Where to?” Chu Chengkong asked.

“The Ice Summit,” Chu Feng answered.

Chu Feng’s cultivation was currently sealed. He had no idea how to unseal his cultivation. Thus, he must go and find Grandmaster Liangqiu and the others for help. Otherwise, with his sealed cultivation, he would not even be able to protect himself in such a dangerous place away from home. Besides, Bai Liluo was still on the Ice Summit.

As Bai Liluo was still afflicted by the Inverse Seal, Chu Feng was very worried about her.

“Very well, I’ll accompany you,” Chu Chengkong did not ask Chu Feng why he had to go to the Ice Summit. Instead, he directly agreed to accompany Chu Feng.

“What’s this? You’re trying to slip away already?”

Right at that moment, a sudden sneer was heard.

Following that, several figures appeared in the sky and descended to the ground. They surrounded Chu Feng and Chu Chengkong.

Seeing those people, Chu Feng started frowning. They were none other than the Xu Heavenly Clansmen that he had scared away earlier.

Sure enough, they did not really leave. Instead, they had hidden themselves, and were secretly observing Chu Feng.

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