Chapter 3433 - Chu Feng’s Smile (Teaser)

Chapter 3433 - Chu Feng’s Smile

“I don’t think our Chu Heavenly Clan has ever had a conflict with your Xu Heavenly Clan, no?” That middle-aged Chu Heavenly Clansman asked.

“Indeed, there were no conflicts between our clans in the past. However, now, there are. It happened thirteen days ago on the Ice Summit. A brat from your Chu Heavenly Clan offended our clan’s young master.”

“Although that brat ended up being arrested and imprisoned in the Fire Prison like he deserved, it remains that someone from your Chu Heavenly Clan actually dared to offend our young master. As such, your Chu Heavenly Clan shall pay the price,” A Xu Heavenly Clansman said.

Hearing those words, the crowd came to a realization of what had happened.

However, merely because of some minor conflict, the Xu Heavenly Clan planned to attack other...

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