Chapter 3428 - Publicly Fighting Over A Disciple (Teaser)

Chapter 3428 - Publicly Fighting Over A Disciple

“Look! Someone appeared beside that person wearing the Saint Cloak!”

“One can tell that person is an extraordinary individual just by his appearance.”

“Are you blind? How can you not recognize that person? That is the renowned Saint-cloak World Spiritist, Grandmaster Long Xuan.”

“Ah? He’s Grandmaster Long Xuan?”

“He’s the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s Grandmaster Long Xuan?!”

Grandmaster Long Xuan’s sudden appearance immediately caught the attention of the crowd.

Soon, a question emerged.

‘Why would Grandmaster Long Xuan appear here?’

‘Could it be that he knows the person who obtained the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak?’

“Long Xuan, what you’re doing is quite dishonest,” right at that moment, a voice transmission entered Grandmaster Long Xuan’s ears. It was Grandmaster Liangqiu.

“Grandmaster, how could you say such a thing in this sort...

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