Chapter 3425 - Seven Realms Sacred Mansion (Teaser)

Chapter 3425 - Seven Realms Sacred Mansion

“Grandmaster, is the backlash very serious? You should have a way to treat them, right?” Linghu Hongfei asked.

“It should be possible to alleviate their backlash,” As Grandmaster Liangqiu spoke, he began to set up a spirit formation to treat the younger generations.


However, at the moment when Grandmaster Liangqiu began to treat Linghu Yueyue and the others, Tang Zhenghao and the others fell to the ground in pain.

Apart from Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei, who were still completely fine, all of the people of the younger generation had fallen to the ground.

“What’s going on now? Didn’t they not enter the grand formation?” Seeing Tang Zhenghao and the others that were on the ground moaning in pain, Queen Mother Fox Immortal raised the question.

“It’s very normal for them to receive a backlash. Chengfeng, quickly, treat their injuries,” Grandmaster Liangqiu said.

When Grandmaster Liangqiu said that it was normal for them to receive...

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