Chapter 3422 - Nine Dragons Saint Cloak Recognizing Its Master (Teaser)

Chapter 3422 - Nine Dragons Saint Cloak Recognizing Its Master

Everyone was able to hear Grandmaster Liangqiu.

As such, everyone turned their gazes towards the location where Grandmaster Liangqiu was looking.

If the person who had breached the grand formation wasn’t Grandmaster Liangqiu, it would mean that it could only be those people of the younger generation that had entered the grand formation. As for which among them had breached the grand formation, the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak would reveal the answer.

“There are signs of activity.”

Suddenly, Grandmaster Longxuan revealed a cheerful look.

An aura began to appear at the location where they were looking. Even though it was very faint, people of their caliber were still capable of seeing it.

The aura grew more and more intense. Soon, it turned into spirit power, and took the form of a spirit formation gate.

After the spirit formation gate appeared, several figures...

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