Chapter 3420 - True Dragon World Spiritist (Teaser)

Chapter 3420 - True Dragon World Spiritist

After pondering for a moment, Grandmaster Liangqiu smiled and shook his head, “If it’s God-cloak, then forget about it. That is, after all, the highest realm that world spiritists can reach, according to legend.”

“Not only will it be impossible for this old man to achieve in my lifetime, even if I were given ten more lifetimes and were able to live for a hundred thousand years, I would likely still not have the chance to become one.”

It was not without reason that Grandmaster Liangqiu said it like that.

After the Exalted realm was the Utmost Exalted realm.

After the Utmost Exalted realm was the Martial Exalted realm.

It was only after the Martial Exalted realm that one could reach the Half God realm.

The Half God realm was an unsurpassed cultivation realm. Those who reached that realm were...

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