Chapter 3416 - Meeting Another Beautiful World Spirit

Chapter 3416 - Meeting Another Beautiful World Spirit

The world spirit that walked out from the world spirit gate was a woman, a very beautiful, cool and elegant sort of woman.

She had a head of long black hair that draped all the way down her legs.

As for her face, it was practically perfect.

Furthermore, she was very classy, and possessed a rare noble air. However… she was very cold.

She was an ice beauty. That said, she was not an ordinary ice beauty. She was very dangerous. Her beautiful eyes were extremely sharp. They seemed to be warning everyone that saw her to not act impudently toward her.

However, such a beauty that seemed to have walked out from the depths of an ice mountain was not wearing a white skirt that emitted an air of immortality. Instead, she was donned in black armor.

Her armor should have been especially created for her, as it was very well-fitting. That said, even though she was wearing armor of cold steel, one would still be able to determine that she must possess an excellent figure from her height and long legs.

Judging from her appearance, she should only be roughly twenty-five or six years old. That said, Chu Feng felt that her actual age was most definitely not that young.

Apart from her beauty, the airs that she emitted were also very powerful, extremely powerful.

Apart from Her Lady Queen when she was angered, and Xue Ji who was captured by the old cat, Chu Feng had never before seen a woman that possesses such powerful airs.

That sort of air was most definitely not something that one would obtain just by possessing a sufficiently powerful cultivation. More than cultivation, it depended on one’s innate aura.

“Why would it be another beauty of this caliber? Could it be that the Asura Spirit World is abundant with beauties?” Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng gasped in admiration.

During Chu Feng’s journey from the Lower Realm to the Ordinary Realm and then the Upper Realm, he had encountered an enormous amount of people, including all of the top existences in the various worlds.

Thus, Chu Feng had encountered many of those so-called beauties. However, there were practically none among them that could match Her Lady Queen’s beauty.

Even when disregarding the unreasonably beautiful Her Lady Queen, both Xue Ji and this cool and elegant belle of excellent figure and airs were rarely-seen beauties that would cause Chu Feng to be unable to keep himself from taking a couple more glances at them.

Even though Chu Feng had seen countless beauties, very few could be compared with them in terms of either beauty or airs.

That said, what shocked Chu Feng the most was not the woman’s appearance. Instead, it was her cultivation.

Her cultivation was very powerful, much more powerful than even his own.

She was an Exalted-level expert. Although… her cultivation was only that of a rank one Exalted.

That said, she was still not someone that the current Chu Feng could match.

As an unknown world spirit that was even more powerful than himself, Chu Feng couldn’t help but treat her seriously.

After the female world spirit entered Chu Feng’s world spirit space, she immediately began to glance at her surroundings. She first took a glance at Chu Feng, and then took a glance at Her Lady Queen, who was undergoing closed-door training. However, she merely took a single glance before shifting her line of sight elsewhere to continue her survey of her surroundings.

That scene caused Chu Feng’s heart to sink. He had realized that the female world spirit had not come to find Eggy. Otherwise, she couldn’t possibly have no reaction after seeing Eggy, and remain so indifferent, as if she were seeing a stranger.

“Where’s my young miss?”

Sure enough, that world spirit opened her mouth and questioned Chu Feng.

Her tone was very cold and detached, so cold that it seemed more like an interrogation rather than an inquiry. Her attitude was simply that of a completely different person from when she was communicating with Chu Feng earlier.

However, Chu Feng was not too surprised by her change in behavior either. Upon finding out that she did not know Her Lady Queen, Chu Feng had anticipated that her attitude would take a huge change.

“Isn’t that girl wearing a black feather skirt your young miss?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, she’s not,” the female world spirit answered.

“I got it then. Your young miss is called Xue Ji, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“Where is my young miss?” The female world spirit bacame somewhat nervous.

From her nervous appearance, Chu Feng was able to determine that the person she was looking for was really Xue Ji.

“Your young miss is not here. She is no longer my world spirit,” Chu Feng said.


Suddenly, that world spirit unleashed her overwhelming oppressive might.

Her overwhelming oppressive might knocked Chu Feng flying, and forcibly pinned him to the walls of his world spirit space.

That world spirit was very powerful. Chu Feng was able to sense that she, like Eggy, possessed heaven-defying power.

Her strength was definitely not as simple as that of a rank one Exalted.

She was much stronger than she appeared to be.

However, that girl being so powerful was not a good thing for Chu Feng.

That said, even with that being the case, Chu Feng was not afraid at all. Instead, he had a calm expression on his face.

“Girl, you have just entered a contract with me, and become an actual world spirit. Perhaps you still don't understand the rules, and that’s why you dare to act so rude toward me. I don’t blame you for it.”

“However, I need to remind you. To attack your master is an act of offending your superior. It’s an act of rebellion, a major crime that cannot be pardoned,” Chu Feng said to that world spirit.

However, that world spirit completely ignored Chu Feng’s words. Coldly, she asked, “Speak, where is my young miss?”

“Your young miss should still be alive,” the reason why Chu Feng said ‘should’ was because he was uncertain.

When he parted with Xue Ji, she had been captured by the old cat.

Who knew what that old cat would do to Xue Ji? No one could guarantee that she would remain alive.

“Of course I know my young miss is still alive.”

“I’m asking you where she is,” that world spirit became impatient. Her tone became increasingly cold.

“Your young miss has been captured by someone. Ah, no, to be exact, she has been captured by a cat,” Chu Feng said.

“Cat? Someone from a monstrous beast clan?” The world spirit asked.

“I don’t know exactly what sort of existence that cat is. However… that cat is extremely extraordinary, and terrifyingly strong,” Chu Feng said.

“Where is that cat then? Bring me to it,” the female world spirit said.

“It would be great if I knew where that cat was. After all, apart from your young miss, that cat has also snatched away something important from me. I also want to retrieve my stuff,” Chu Feng said.

“Impudent! You captured my young miss, yet failed to protect her! You are unqualified to be a world spiritist!” At that moment, that world spirit became emotional.

“Big sister, please! Look at how long I’ve been cultivating, and how long that old cat has been cultivating! It’s extremely normal that I’m no match for it! However, you don’t have to worry because I will, sooner or later, surpass that old cat. At that time, I will find it and retrieve the thing it snatched from me. Naturally, I will also rescue your young miss then as well.”

“Before that, you’d best follow me properly. I will not treat you unfairly,” Chu Feng said.

“A pack of lies, why should I trust you?” The world spirit asked sternly.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled, “Why don’t you tell me why I would lie to you?”

“You wish to use my power and make me serve you. You wish to use lies to exploit me,” the world spirit said.

“You’re overthinking. You see that young lady over there? She is Milady Queen. With her here, I don’t need anyone else to help me.”

“The reason why I entered a contract with you and brought you into my world spirit space was because you lied to me and said that she was your young miss.”

“That’s right, it’s because you lied to me that I entered a contract with you.”

“Listen carefully, you were the one who lied to me. I have never lied to you,” Chu Feng reemphasized.

“Enough of your bullshit. Even if you didn’t lie to me, your action of forcibly capturing my young miss is an undeniable crime. Today, even if I cannot find my young miss, I will slaughter you first,” as that world spirit spoke, she unleashed her boundless killing intent. She was not joking around. She was really planning to kill Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, a voice suddenly exploded in the world spirit space!!!

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