Chapter 3413 - Chu Feng’s Ruthlessness (Teaser)

Chapter 3413 - Chu Feng’s Ruthlessness

“Chu Feng, what have you done to me?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. It was Linghu Hongfei.

Anger filled Linghu Hongfei’s eyes. There were even traces of killing intent.

It was impossible for him to not be furious. After all, the black flames that he had assimilated were suddenly leaving his body uncontrollably, and ultimately assimilating into Chu Feng.

He refused to believe that Chu Feng didn’t do anything to him.

In fact, it was indeed Chu Feng who had caused such a thing to happen.

After Chu Feng discovered that Linghu Hongfei was stealing his assimilated black flames, he did not argue with Linghu Hongfei, because he knew that words were meaningless.

Instead, Chu Feng decided to act. Using the power that he had obtained from the hidden path, Chu Feng altered the nature of the black flames.

Not only had Chu Feng left an imprint on his assimilated...

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