Chapter 3410 - The Black Flames’ Secret

Chapter 3410 - The Black Flames’ Secret

“What did you just say?! Are you trying to die?!” Linghu Yueyue raised her little face and asked in a very furious manner.

“Yueyue, don't be rude,” however, right after Linghu Yueyue voiced her anger, Linghu Hongfei immediately scolded her.

Very rarely did Linghu Hongfei get angry. Thus, Linghu Lun and the others who were also planning to curse Chu Feng out immediately shut their mouths.

Even Linghu Yueyue, who was furious, did not say anymore.

“Brother Chu Feng, we are currently on the same boat. If you have discovered something, could you inform me about it?” Linghu Hongfei asked Chu Feng.

“It’s actually nothing too serious. I believe that even if I don’t say anything, brother Linghu, with your observation ability, will soon discover it too.”

“Actually, the black flames is the power that can allow our spirit power to increase,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah?” Once Chu Feng said those words, everyone became greatly alarmed. Even the Liangqiu Sisters and Linghu Hongfei were alarmed.

“Young master Chu Feng, you’re saying that these frightening black flames are the treasures left behind by the World Spiritist Immortal King?” Tantai Xing’er asked.

“That’s correct,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Nonsense! The black flames are so frightening that one will definitely die upon making contact with them, how could it possibly be the treasure?”

“Big brother Hongfei, you must not believe him. That guy must be planning to kill us,” Linghu Yueyue said.

“It’s up to you all whether or not you believe me,” the smile on Chu Feng’s face remained the same. He did not care about what they felt at all. Instead, he turned around and looked at Tantai Xing’er and the others, “Since we’ve entered this place, there’s no way out anymore. If you want to survive, you’ll have to assimilate the black gaseous flames. Otherwise, there will only be a path to death.”

“Only by assimilating the black gaseous flames will they not harm you. Otherwise… they will view you as enemies, and take your life.”

“Thus, use your spirit power to assimilate with the black gaseous flames. The deeper the assimilation, the safer you’ll be.”

“I have already decreased the danger level of the black gaseous flames. As for what degree of assimilation you all can reach, it will be up to you,” after Chu Feng finished saying those words, he formed a different hand seal, and the black gaseous flames penetrated through Chu Feng’s spirit power and began to slowly approach him and the others.

Merely, at that moment, everyone present could sense that the black gaseous flames that managed to penetrate Chu Feng’s spirit power had really undergone a change.

Furthermore, those black gaseous flames seemed to already be under Chu Feng's control. It was Chu Feng who was controlling the black gaseous flames, and having them slowly approach Tantai Xing’er and the others.

“Are you prepared?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mn,” Tantai Xing’er, the Liangqiu Sisters and Wuma Shengjie nodded.


In the next instant, the speed of the black gaseous flames suddenly accelerated. Then, like a bunch of beasts, they completely enveloped Chu Feng and the others.

At that moment, Chu Feng, Tantai Xing’er, Liangqiu Sisters and Wuma Shengjie all revealed expressions of pain to varying degrees.

Tantai Xing’er revealed the most painful expression. Following her were the Liangqiu Sisters, whilst Wuma Shengjie’s situation was better than theirs.

Only Chu Feng’s expression looked the most normal. However, the deep frown on his face and his slightly trembling body revealed that he was undergoing immense pain too.


Soon, Tantai Xing’er started to shout in pain.

Following her, the Liangqiu Sisters also began to scream out in pain. Not even Wuma Shengjie was able to keep herself from screaming.

Witnessing that scene, the two Tantai Heavenly Clan’s younger generations became extremely worried.

If something was to happen to Tantai Xing’er, they would not be able to take responsibility for it upon their return.

Seeing that the situation was very bad, they wanted to request Linghu Hongfei’s help to save Tantai Xing’er.

However, before they could say anything, Linghu Hongfei suddenly spoke, “It would appear that brother Chu Feng’s observation is correct. Everyone, prepare yourselves. If you want to survive, you’ll have to assimilate with the black flames.”

Linghu Hongfei suddenly said those words to Linghu Yueyue and the others after observing the black flames.


Hearing those words, Linghu Tiemian and the others all became extremely frightened.

They had already witnessed how terrifying the black flames were, and the suffering that Tantai Xing’er and the others were undergoing at that moment.

Yet, even in such a situation, Linghu Hongfei actually still believed in Chu Feng’s words, and wanted them to end up in the same sort of situation. With that, how could they not be afraid?

“Big brother Hongfei, you’re not joking around, right? You really believe that guy’s words?” Linghu Yueyue asked.

“Yueyue, no matter what, you’re an Insect Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist. Carefully sense the black flames,” Linghu Hongfei said.

“I’ve sensed them already. Apart from danger, I am unable to sense anything else,” Linghu Yueyue said.

“Even you failed to sense it?” Linghu Hongfei seemed to have understood something. Thus, he set up a spirit formation and sealed off a small portion of the black flames and altered them. Then, he said, “Try sensing them now.”

Linghu Yueyue sensed the black flames that Linghu Hongfei had sealed away. In the next moment, she revealed an incomparably astonished expression on her exceptional little face, “Big brother Hongfei, could it be that these black gaseous flames are truly the treasures left by the World Spiritist Immortal King?”

“That should be the case,” Linghu Hongfei said.

As matters stood, they were practically certain that what Chu Feng had said was true.

However, the others remained extremely scared. After all, the black gaseous flames were so very terrifying. Thus, what they were worried about was whether or not they would really be able to assimilate with the black gaseous flames.

As for Linghu Yueyue, she took a glance at Chu Feng, who was standing not far away from them. There was a complicated expression in her beautiful eyes.

She had truly never expected for the person to see through the black gaseous flames to not be her Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist big brother Linghu Hongfei, but the extremely unreliable-looking Chu Feng.

Afterwards, Linghu Hongfei also used his spirit power to decrease the dangers of the black gaseous flames. Then, he allowed the black gaseous flames to enter.

Although Linghu Tiemian and the others were unwilling to assimilate with the black gaseous flames, they had no choice but to confront them.

Once the black gaseous flames enveloped them, apart from Linghu Hongfei and Linghu Yueyue, everyone else began to scream miserably. Some among them even began to roll around. They simply did not appear to be people that were assimilating with the black gaseous flames. Instead, they appeared to be purely undergoing torture by the black gaseous flames.

Likely, they were already regretting entering the formation. That place was completely different from what they’d imagined it to be.

There were even people among them that started to plead for help from Linghu Hongfei, hoping that he would be able to help them.

Perhaps because of the spirit formation swords, Linghu Hongfei’s situation was the same as Chu Feng’s. Although he had an expression of pain on his face, he was still able to tolerate the pain.

However, Linghu Hongfei completely ignored the pleas of help from the others. The reason for that was because he had discovered the secret to the black flames.

One would be able to obtain the power of the black flames through assimilation. The higher the degree of one’s assimilation, the more power one would obtain.

However, the power within the black flames was limited. Thus, if one wanted to obtain more power, one must assimilate with the black flames faster.

Linghu Hongfei wanted to become a Saint-cloak World Spiritist. Thus, he would naturally not allow himself to miss out on such an opportunity.

As such, he had no heart to concern himself with helping others.

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