Chapter 3407 - Make Up For One’s Regret

Chapter 3407 - Make Up For One’s Regret

The reason why Chu Feng was able to accomplish such heaven-defying feats was because of the harvest he had obtained in the hidden path.

The power that had assimilated into Chu Feng’s body not only served to torture him, but at the same time, it also bestowed Chu Feng with a special sort of power.

It was that power that allowed Chu Feng to destroy that colossal Utmost Exalted-level monster with a single punch.

It was that power that allowed Chu Feng to move about completely unhindered throughout the grand formation.

The reason why Chu Feng had opened the spirit formation gate before Wuming Xingyun and Queen Mother Fox Immortal was because he wanted to save time.

However, upon walking out from the spirit formation gate, a surprised expression emerged in his eyes.

Chu Feng was not surprised by the fact that Liangqiu Chengfeng and Grandmaster Long Xuan were also present.

However, that old man… he was that person he had met in the Fire Prison.

“Senior, you are…?” Chu Feng immediately stepped forward to as the old man. He already knew that their encounter in the Fire Prison was not a coincidence.

He knew that this old man was definitely an extremely remarkable individual.

“Chu Feng, this person is Grandmaster Liangqiu,” Wuming Xingyun said.

Upon hearing the name ‘Grandmaster Liangqiu,’ Chu Feng immediately came to a full realization. He hurriedly clasped his fist respectfully. “Thank you for your instructions, senior.”

“No, what I’ve done was far from instructions. Even if I hadn't mentioned it to you, you’d have discovered the mystery. Besides, if you didn’t discover the mystery of the rock mountain, I would not have mentioned it to you.”

“It has been some time since this old man has discovered the mystery. However, I’ve never mentioned it to anyone. The reason why I never mentioned it to anyone was because I wanted to respect the final wishes of that person, and allow someone who was fated to discover everything.”

“Thus, all that you’ve obtained right now is thanks to your own capabilities,” Grandmaster Liangqiu spoke with a smile.

“Chu Feng, hand the Ghost-sealing Grass to me. You can go ahead and do what you wanted to do,” Wuming Xingyun said.

“Senior, I will have to trouble you then,” Chu Feng handed the Ghost-sealing Grass to Wuming Xingyun. Then, he entered the spirit formation gate again.

At the moment when the spirit formation gate closed, Wuming Xingyun looked at the Ghost-sealing Grass retrieved by Chu Feng and gasped with admiration, “This kid, he actually harvested so many extras.”

“That kid is truly extraordinary. The reflection of Chu Xuanyuan can be seen all over him. In the future, he will definitely become an extremely capable individual, and might even end up surpassing his father,” Grandmaster Long Xuan said.

“Of course he’s extraordinary. Otherwise, why would Grandmaster say that he was a ‘pleasant surprise?’” Queen Mother Fox Immortal spoke with a beaming smile on her face.

“This old man has decided,” Grandmaster Long Xuan said.

“You’ve decided what?” The others asked simultaneously.

“This old man has decided to take Chu Feng as his disciple,” Grandmaster Long Xuan said.

“Pff, and here I was wondering what you were going to say,” hearing those words, Queen Mother Fox Immortal burst into laughter. Then, she said, “I’m afraid that it would be hopeless for you to take Chu Feng as your disciple. Look at Liangqiu Chengfeng, is there anything about him that’s inferior to you? Yet, he has been rejected by that kid. What makes you think that you'll be able to take that kid as your disciple?”

Grandmaster Long Xuan was very astonished upon hearing those words. Immediately, he asked, “Brother Chengfeng, there’s such a thing?”

“That is indeed the case,” Liangqiu Chengfeng smiled and nodded.

“It would appear that even though that child is good-natured, he is also proud and arrogant,” Grandmaster Long Xuan laughed, “However, this old man will definitely not give up on someone that I’ve taken a fancy to.”

“It’s definitely hopeless for you. I refuse to believe that Grandmaster Liangqiu would not be interested in such an outstanding seedling,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal said.

“Grandmaster, you couldn’t possibly be planning to fight over him with me, right?” Grandmaster Long Xuan immediately questioned Grandmaster Liangqiu. There was an expression of worry on his face.

As for Grandmaster Liangqiu, he stroked his beard gently and smiled.

Although he did not answer, his confident expression had revealed the fact that he too was tempted by Chu Feng.

“Grandmaster Liangqiu, I am truly sorry. Even if Grandmaster plans to fight over him with me, I will still not surrender readily.”

“Grandmaster, although you are very powerful, I possess hidden cards in my hand too,” Grandmaster Long Xuan said.

“Enough you. Apart from knowing how to swindle like that Ox-nosed Old Daoist, what other cards do you have in your hand?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal looked at Grandmaster Long Xuan with contempt.

“How could Ox-nosed Old Daoist be compared to me?” Grandmaster Long Xuan spoke disapprovingly.

“Now now, Chu Feng has already returned to the grand formation. The grand formation will soon activate. Chengfeng and I will stay here to take care of things. You all can enter the grand formation first,” Grandmaster Liangqiu said.

Hearing that, Grandmaster Long Xuan, Queen Mother Fox Immortal and Wuming Xingyun all soared into the sky and began to fly toward the direction where Grandmaster Liangqiu and the others had come from.

At that moment, only Grandmaster Liangqiu and Liangqiu Chengfeng remained.

“You must’ve wanted to say something to me, right?” Grandmaster Liangqiu said.

“Master, that child Chu Feng possesses exceptional character and talent. Disciple is untalented, and failed to take him as a disciple. However, if he’s able to become my junior brother, it would also be a very good thing.” Liangqiu Chengfeng actually did not want Grandmaster Liangqiu to miss out on taking Chu Feng as his disciple.

Grandmaster Liangqiu smiled in a very profound manner. He did not answer Liangqiu Chengfeng directly. Instead, he asked, “Chengfeng, do you know what this old man’s greatest regret in life is?”

“Wasn’t it being unable to take Linghu Yueyue as your disciple?” Liangqiu Chengfeng asked.

“No,” Grandmaster Liangqiu shook his head.

“Then is it not joining hands with Exalted Heavenly Fate to unseal that Ancient Era’s Mysteryrealm three hundred years ago?” Liangqiu Chengfeng asked.

“That’s not it either,” Grandmaster Liangqiu shook his head again.

“Could it be not being able to become a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist before you were seven thousand years old?” Liangqiu Chengfeng asked again.

“No,” Grandmaster Liangqiu shook his head again.

At that moment, Liangqiu Chengfeng was completely baffled. Unable to think of what his master’s greatest regret was, he clasped his fist and said, “This disciple is untalented. Master, please tell me what it is.”

“This old man’s greatest regret in life is my failure to take Chu Xuanyuan as a disciple. However, this Chu Feng will make up for my regret.”

Hearing those words, Liangqiu Chengfeng’s gaze changed. He had come to a realization.

Grandmaster Liangqiu was not only planning to take Chu Feng as his disciple, but he was determined to take Chu Feng as his disciple.

This caused Liangqiu Chengfeng to feel more at ease in his heart.

The reason for that was because he understood his master very well, and knew that his master was a very proud and arrogant person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given up on taking Linghu Yueyue as his disciple due to some minor matters.

Because of that, Liangqiu Chengfeng was worried that his master would no longer attempt to take Chu Feng as his disciple should he end up refusing him.

However, judging from his words, his master was definitely not going to give up on taking Chu Feng as his disciple easily.

“Go ahead and enter the main formation,” Grandmaster Liangqiu said.

“Master, what about you?” Liangqiu Chengfeng asked.

As the set-up for the formation was already completed, the main formation was merely a mysteryrealm that one could obtain power from now.

As for how much power they could obtain, it all depended on how much power Chu Feng and the others would be able to receive.

Thus, to them, the sooner they entered the main formation, the better.

“Whether or not I’ll be able to make a breakthrough is a minor issue. If Chu Feng is to have any sort of mishap, this old man will not be able to make up for my greatest regret.”

“This old man will stay here to observe. If he’s unable to endure it, I will destroy all of the spirit formations to put a halt to all of this, and enter the grand formation to save him,” Grandmaster Liangqiu said.

Hearing those words, Liangqiu Chengfeng’s expression changed.

He knew very well how impatient Grandmaster Liangqiu was to become a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

That was the dream of his life.

Yet, for the sake of Chu Feng’s safety, he had decided to give up on the opportunity to reach a breakthrough.

From this, one could tell how highly Grandmaster Liangqiu thought of Chu Feng.

After all, they must’ve only met one another just recently too.

“This disciple understands,” Liangqiu Chengfeng clasped his fist, turned around and left.

At that moment, only Grandmaster Liangqiu remained.

With a very stern gaze, he monitored the grand formation with a smile on his face.

At that moment, Chu Feng had already returned to the grand formation. He was activating his spirit formation swords to unlock the spirit formation gate with Linghu Hongfei.

The two of them stood together, and caused the others to feel great anticipation.

After all, everyone felt that the prophesied battle was a predestined confrontation between Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei.

Merely, no matter how powerful Linghu Hongfei might be, Chu Feng was the only person in Grandmaster Liangqiu’s eyes.

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