Chapter 3402 - Insurmountable (Teaser)

Chapter 3402 - Insurmountable

“Sure enough, he became stronger again.”

Seeing the current Linghu Hongfei, even Queen Mother Fox Immortal outside the grand formation was unable to keep herself from letting out a gasp of admiration.

The last time she met Linghu Hongfei was three years ago. At that time, he was only a rank one Exalted. He could already show disdain for all of the younger generations of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Yet, at that moment, Linghu Hongfei had already become a rank two Exalted. His cultivation was already at a level that the others couldn’t possibly reach.

Thus, even though that sword guardian beast possessed the strength of a rank one Exalted, it was still defeated from a single attack by Linghu Hongfei.

“Having obtained two spirit formation swords, that Linghu Hongfei is now capable of opening that entrance gate,” Liangqiu Chengfeng said.

“Rest assured, he wouldn't give up with...

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