Chapter 3384 - Wuming Xingyun (Teaser)

Chapter 3384 - Wuming Xingyun

Inside the palace at the top of the Ice Summit.

A group of grand characters were gathered in the palace. Even though Tantai Changfei was the person in charge of the Ice Summit, he could only sit on the lower ranking seats in the palace.

The reason for that was because even the Supreme Elders of the Tantai Heavenly Clan were present.

That said, not even the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders were qualified to sit in the palace master's seat.

Sitting in the master seat was a handsome old man.

That’s right, although he was an old man, he had a very handsome appearance. Even though time had left traces on his face, it was unable to conceal his handsome features.

Furthermore, that old man’s eyes were very spirited. It was as if there were two galaxies contained within his eyes.

As for the gown he was wearing, it was even more extraordinary....

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