Chapter 3382 - Jackals Of The Same Tribe (Teaser)

Chapter 3382 - Jackals Of The Same Tribe

“What did you say?!” Chu Feng’s words were immediately met with furious and threatening gazes from the Xu Heavenly Clansmen.

However, facing their threats, Chu Feng was not only confident, but his attitude became even more unyielding, “Are you hard of hearing? In that case, I can repeat myself. I asked, why do I have to move aside?”

“You dare speak to us in such a manner?! You are truly asking for a beating!”

The Xu Heavenly Clansmen were enraged by Chu Feng’s words. Several among them not only rushed toward Chu Feng, but they even raised their hands with the intention to beat him up and slap some sense into him.


However, before their raised hands could even land, a strong burst of wind swept forth and overturned the Xu Heavenly Clansmen.

At that moment, an Exalted-level oppressive might appeared out of thin air.

“If you all plan to touch him, you’ll have to pass this old man first,” the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief stood before Chu Feng majestical...

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