Chapter 3376 - The Time When True Dragons Soar (Teaser)

Chapter 3376 - The Time When True Dragons Soar

“Tsk~~~” Wuma Shengjie rolled her eyes at Chu Feng.

“What’s the tsk about? How come your cultivation has increased again? Girl, you’re truly amazing. You are most definitely a formidable opponent of mine,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Chu Feng was not joking around. It was true that Wuma Shengjie’s cultivation had increased again.

She was no longer a rank five Martial Immortal. Instead, her cultivation had increased to rank six Martial Immortal.

The speed at which her cultivation increased was not at all inferior to Chu Feng's.

After all, if it wasn’t for the fact that Chu Feng had gained comprehension on the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform, he would also only be a rank six Martial Immortal at that moment.

“Haha, young friend Chu Feng, you don’t have to be so modest. Shengjie has...

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