Chapter 3359 - Chu Feng’s Big Sister (Teaser)

Chapter 3359 - Chu Feng’s Big Sister

“You damn bastard! Why did you help Chu Feng?! Exactly who are you?! What are you plotting?!”

“I’m going to kill you! I’m definitely going to kill you!!!”

Chu Hanqing pointed to the imposter Chu Feng and shouted hysterically. He was thoroughly enraged, so much that he became deranged.

Their success was due to that imposter. Their failure was also due to that imposter.

That imposter clearly possessed a  deep hatred for Chu Feng. Why would he… decide to help Chu Feng like that?

Chu Hanqing was unable to understand. Nevertheless, he felt great hatred.

Before everyone, his reputation had been completely swept away, and even his life could not be...

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