Chapter 3354 - The Power Of Forbidden Medicine (Teaser)

Chapter 3354 - The Power Of Forbidden Medicine

“Insolent fool incapable of differentiating good from bad, you are truly one who refuses a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” Fang Hualong was gnashing his teeth angrily at Chu Feng’s disdainful attitude.

“Oh? Why don’t you allow me to have a drink of that forfeit?” Chu Feng smiled with even greater contempt at Fang Hualong’s threat.

“Very well, I will satisfy you,” faced with Chu Feng’s provocation, Fang Hualong did not attempt to bother arguing with him anymore; he wanted to use his actions to prove himself.

Fang Hualong swung his hands, and countless fists filled the sky. Like a meteor shower that stretched across the horizon, the densely packed fists shot toward Chu Feng to oppress him.

“Bang, bang, bang~~~”

The fists all exploded around Chu Feng, creating a vast amount of energy ripples that wreaked havoc throughout the surroundings.

“That is?!”

However, Fang Hualong and the others’ expressions did not turn into ones of joy after the onslaught of fists. Instead, their expressions turned ugly.

The reason for that...

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