Chapter 3351 - I, Alone, Will Suffice (Teaser)

Chapter 3351 - I Alone Will Suffice

Although Chu Feng had successfully entered the grand formation, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen beside him did not resemble battle companions. Instead, they seemed like enemies as they were looking at him with eyes filled with hostility.

“Chu Feng, Lord Clan Chief had treated you so well. Yet you poisoned him. You are truly devoid of conscience, and worse than dogs and pigs. For you to hypocritically pretend to be a good man now, you are simply shameless. I refuse to cooperate with someone like you.”

“That’s right. We refuse to cooperate with someone like you. Even if we are to give up on this match, we will still not fight alongside someone like you.”

“If you want to pretend, go ahead...

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