Chapter 3350 - I Say He’s Qualified (Teaser)

Chapter 3350 - I Say He’s Qualified

“Chu Feng?”

“How did he get here?”

“Who was it? Who was the one that released him?”

“Men! Arrest him!”

Chu Hanqing and the others were immediately alarmed upon seeing Chu Feng. As they spoke, they released their oppressive might.

It was not only Chu Hanqing who set off to attack Chu Feng; practically all of those that detested Chu Feng but were afraid of him all rushed to attack him.

Oppressive might, like waves, began to rush toward Chu Feng to attack him from all directions.

They were simply not trying to arrest Chu Feng. Instead, they were trying to take his life.


Suddenly, explosions began to be heard from around Chu Feng. Before Chu Hanqing and the...

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