Chapter 3331 - The New Decastars (Teaser)

Chapter 3331 - The New Decastars

“I will give you all some private time now,” after the Moon Immortal finished saying those words, she released Su Rou and Su Mei’s consciousness again, allowing the two sisters to regain control over their bodies.

Before Chu Feng could say anything, Su Mei fell into Chu Feng’s bosom with a ‘putt.’ Her charming little face was buried deep into Chu Feng’s chest. She did not say anything, but was tightly grabbing onto the corner of Chu Feng’s clothes.

There was no need to describe with words how reluctant she was to part with Chu Feng. After all, her reluctance to part with Chu Feng was completely manifested through her physical behavior.

As for Su Rou, she stood where she was and looked to...

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