Chapter 3310 - Su Rou, Su Mei (Teaser)

Chapter 3310 - Su Rou, Su Mei

"Lord Supreme Elder, you must reconsider," Li Ruochu spoke sternly.

"Rest assured, even if I am to attack him, this old man would not be so foolish as to do so openly," Li Taiyi said. Then, he added in a meaningful manner, "Ruochu, regardless of what your standpoint might be, you should not forget your identity. You are a clansman of our Li Heavenly Clan. You must not commit acts of treason against our Li Heavenly Clan."

Hearing those words, Li Ruochu's lips rose into a slight curve. She said, "Naturally."

The Ancient Era's remnant was enormous. As such, there were naturally a lot of entrances.

As such, there was naturally a reason as to why Liangqiu Chengfeng chose the entrance that he chose to lead everyone in together.

According to his observation, while there were countless entrances to the Ancient Era's remnant, this was the only entrance that would lead to treasures.

At that moment, everyone was traveling through a vast corridor....

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