Chapter 3293 - Bloodline Response (Teaser)

Chapter 3293 - Bloodline Response

“Senior, in that case, it would mean that the power of the lightning released from my body earlier is comparable to attacks from an expert of the Utmost Exalted realm?” Chu Feng asked. He wanted to verify this matter, as it was simply too unfathomable.

He was only a rank five Martial Immortal. Yet, he was able to unleash power capable of obliterating even Exalted-level experts. That was simply too frightening, so frightening that even Chu Feng himself felt skeptical.

“Above the Exalted realm would naturally be the Utmost Exalted realm. Fortunately, this old man noticed that something was amiss, and I was able to keep my distance from you. Otherwise, I would’ve likely been obliterated by you.”

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had a wry smile on...

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