Chapter 3265 - Chu Hanxian’s Sword (Teaser)

Chapter 3265 - Chu Hanxian’s Sword

“What are those? Are those treasures?”

“They’re actually capable of granting him heaven-defying battle power? Why have I never heard of such treasures?”

The crowd were all astonished. After all, it was an extremely astonishing feat to be able to gain heaven-defying battle power at the cultivation of a Martial Immortal.

Furthermore, as Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe and Ancient Era’s War Sword resembled protective artifacts spinning around him after they fused with him, they did resemble treasures. That was why the crowd was wondering what sort of treasures they might be.

After all, they had all heard about the famous treasures present in the Ancestral Martial Starfield. This was even more so for treasures capable of granting...

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